This story is mixed with different emotions. Drama, romance and humor


4. Jealous Much?

Riiiiing Riiiiing Riiiing!!!  The bell screams loudly in my ear because of course, my locker had to be right next to the bell.  Anyway while I’m at my locker getting out my math notebook, workbook, and binder.  “Ugh, math,”, I think to myself.  Right when I turn around, I see Troy standing right in front of me nose to nose.  One hand near my left ear, and one near my right ear.  I smell his fresh, minty breath, and his hot cologne that woozes me a little bit but smells so good.  He stops for 5 seconds to stare into my eyes, and says “You are so beautiful”.  And kisses me. for the 3rd time!!! Gosh, kissing him is like kissing the heaven. His lips push into mine, and  mine push into his, and it’s just beautiful, that’s what it is., just beauitful.  “OH MY GOSH! MATH!” I yell!  He jumps, startled.  I ran to my math class, and tried to sneak into my seat while the teacher was writing something on the board.  “ehheeem, Kate? Office.”  “Dang it”, I thought to myself  “okay”  When I get to the office, the principal calls me into his office and says, “well Kate, since this is the first time you have been late to class, I’ll let you go, but tell me why you were late?”  Shoot, I can’t tell him that my…. boyfriend?.... was kissing me! So I’ll have to make something up….um….I’ll say that I didn’t hear the bell….no...that’s not good….the bell’s pretty loud, I’ll say that I came to school 5 seconds after the bell so I didn’t hear it.” I say to myself.  “Well sir, I came like 5 seconds after the bell so I didn’t hear it, and I didn’t know school started”.  “okay fine.  Here’s a late pass and a note from me for your math teacher”., he says rolling his eyes.  “Thank you!”  And I left.  Hewwwww, that was close.  If my mom found out that I got a detention for being late, she would kill me!


    The next day at school, we had a motivational speaker come to our school.  I thought this was going to be the lamest thing ever.  People from higher grades told me that I was going to burst out crying, but I doubted it.  When we got to the gym, I saw the man.  He was tall and a little big and chubby.  He looked friendly though.  Once everybody got settled in the gym and it got quiet, he started.  I also found out that he does different voices and imitations.  He did Yoda from star wars.  He’s amazing at it.  He was talking about friendship and school and stuff, until he asked if people wanted to stand up and share.  That’s when it started. That’s when i burst. i just couldn’t help myself.  Other people started crying and it was just….a very moving….emotional….touching moment.  I will remember that moment for the rest of my life.  Once the bell rang, everybody left the gym and still hugging eachother saying what they needed to say to each other.

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