This story is mixed with different emotions. Drama, romance and humor


6. I won't/ I will

Chapter 6: I won’t/I will


    I got to school in the middle of lunch.  I walked up to my locker to get my super cute lunch bag.  I was so mad at my mom, I slammed the locker really hard on my finger and cursed under my breath.  My finger was swollen now. Great.  Can things get any worse.  Right then, a bird pooped on my cute leather jacket.  I stopped, stood there for 30 sec, and was about to literally kill myself.  I went to the ladies room, and washed the poop, and put my swollen finger in the freezing cold water, which felt good.  Then, I finally got to the lunch tables without any bad luck.  


“I guess getting pooped by a bird is good luck!”,, i whispered under my breath.  


Once I got to the lunch tables and sat down, the bell rang.  


“or not”.  “UGH! I HATE MY LIFE!”, yelled thinking nobody was around me, when actually all my friends, and other people stopped and turned around to look at me.


My face got red, and I ran off to the bathroom, opened the stall, sat on the toilet with my pants still on, and start crying.  


“Why does my life have to be so hard, and complicated”??  


Then I heard someone open the door, and say


“hello? Anyone in here?”,


Just then I realized, it was Gloria.  Oh no, i thought to myself.  I opened the stall and got out.  Once Gloria saw me, she ran to me and hugged me hard.  


“I’m sorry for everything!  I broke up with James by the way if that makes you feel any better.  You were so right! He’s such a jerk!! But most importantly, I’m sorry for stabbing you in the back.  That was so foolish of me to do, and I’m really really sorry”, she said with tears forming in her eyes.


I thought about this, hard.  Am I ready to forgive her?  Should I trust her.  Should I giver her a second chance?  All of this questions raced through my mind.  


“I’m sorry too, for being so dramatic, i was just really upset.”, I said.


And you had every right to be mad at me, and dramatic, and upset!!”, she said, with a smile forming on her lips.


“I forgive you, but we need to forget about EVERYTHING, like it didn’t happen and just start fresh. Okay? Deal?”




“BFFTWE!”, I said, feeling so much better.

Then, the feeling cam

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