This story is mixed with different emotions. Drama, romance and humor


2. Feelings


Chapter 2: Feelings


RIIIIIING RIIING RIIIIING!  Ugh…...monday.  What happened over the weekend again,,.....? OH YA MY BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME! I still can’t believe it.  I walk up to my locker and get my things out.  I look to the right, I looked to the left.  Everybody was looking at me in disgust.  This is probably because they found out that James broke up with me.  Now everybody is treating me like um…. unpopular!  Suddenly, I see it.  Something that I never wanted to see.  I see James and Gloria (my BFF) smooching, hugging, and certainly a lot of touching if you know what I mean.  I can’t believe my BFF is now his girlfriend. OMG, we are so over.  Before the second bell has rung I take out my phone, and txted her.  


Me- We are so done! Bye slut! (unsent)


But then I realized, that’s too mean.


Me- I know what you did. We are so done!


Gloria- I don’t know what you’re talking about.


Oh wow the old “I don’t know what you’re talking about” joke. I peer out of the corner of my eye at her.  While James is too busy swallowing her tongue, Gloria is txting me.


Me- Sure you dont, I see you, and your tongue being swallowed.


“good one” i tell myself in my head.  Suddenly she looks around until her eyes stop at mine.  Gosh that’s awkward.  She quickly gets away from James, and pretends to be arguing with him.  Wow, classic just classic.  I walk over there pretending that nothing is wrong.


“Hi Gloria! What’s up? Anything new?” I say.  James looks up and walks away pretending like I didn’t see him.  


“Um...no….why?”, she says.


“Oh I don’t know...maybe it’s just because I JUST SAW YOU KISSING JAMES! How can you do this to me? I thought you were my best friend! I thought I would come to school, and you would walk over to me, and hug me and show me emotion like TRUE friends do! But NOOO! Instead I just see you and James having fun touching each other and swallowing each other's mouths!!  This is the WORST thing you have ever done to me!!! We are so over! I dont care anymore! You can have him! He is a total JERK anyway! And don’t come crying to me If you get hurt all of a sudden and ask and plead to be my BFF again cause that ain’t happenin! GOODBYE GLORIA STEFFER MERXIN!” I flip my hair, spin around and leave right when the bell rings.  I gotta say….that was pretty cool.  


The next couple of days were pretty awkward between Gloria, James, and I.  But I wasn’t afraid of them, they were afraid of me.  Well…I wouldn’t say afraid, I would say…they felt weird about me, but I didn’t feel weird about them. My head was held up high, and confident. But to be honest, on the inside, I wasn’t feeling confident.  Gloria was my bestest, bestest friend.  I have a BUNCH of other good friends….but there aren’t my BFFTTWEFAE’s! So….now what am I gonna do? Make a new best friend?  That is pretty hard to make NEW best friends…ESPECIALLY in high school.  My other friends who always follow me around?…..naaah….they seem too quirky and obsessed with me.  So… that’s a no.  Um….who else....maybe….i should make a new boyfriend!!!!  I’ll start flirting with the boys that have always drooled over me…..I just have to pick the hot, cute, smart, and sensitive and kind one….that’s all...lol. I’ll start my mission tomorrow.



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