Missing You

'I wont be gone long" he whispered hugging me. The security was tight, there were paparazzi everywhere.
' I love you Harry' I whispered. The stray tears falling freely down my cheeks.
' I know' he whispered, letting go.


2. Mixed Feelings

' Ariana!! Are you awake yet?" i heard Perrie screaming at me from the other side of the door.

" urgg! too early!" i mumbled but rolled out of bed anyway.

" Well I'm making breakfast, you have to be out in half an hour, or you miss out!"

giggling, i turned the shower water on. Climbing in, starting to zone out i thought about Harry. He's been gone for 7 months now. The bathroom began to fog up, i turned the water off with a sigh and got out.

wondering out half and hour later, i was wearing a floral skirt, white sweetheart top dress. I slide into my pink stilettos and clumsily walked down the stairs.

" Morning Perrie, have you heard from Zayn?" I asked taking a sip of the orange juice she left on the bench.

" Uh yeah...." she stopped serving and looked at me. i nodded waiting for her to continue. " Ari, you need to talk to him." i put the glass down and grabbed my phone.

Walking onto the patio, i started to imagine what could possibly be so bad that Perrie couldn't tell me. Harry picked up on the second ring.

" Morning Ari," He sounded cheery. That was good right?

" Morning Harry,  how are you?" i began to pick at a loose thread on my skirt.

" Im good...... Um Ari, i think we need to take a break....." He trailed off. I stopped picking at my dress.

" What.....what? Why?" my eyes began to get glassy.

" Ari, I'm sorry, but this long distance thing just isn't working." Harry stated.

I wiped away the tear falling down my cheek. " But Harry, Perrie and Zayn are making it work." I pointed, trying to  save my relationship.

" I know love, but they are engaged...." he sighed deeply.

" so that's it...... we're done?" i questioned.

" I'm sorry Ari." I nodded even though he cant see me.

" Goodbye Harry." i mumbled, hanging up.

the tears fell freely now. Turning to walk back to the kitchen. Perrie had her arms open. falling into her i sobbed.

" He broke up with me Perrie." I sobbed.


" I know sweetie......, i know" She grabbed my hand and lead me into the kitchen.


" Lets go shopping? get our nails done?" Perrie asked smiling at me.

I nodded and headed upstairs to clean up. Pulling out my makeup kit, i cleaned up my foundation and mascara.

My hair looked like i had just ran through a bush, with thorns. I ran a brush through this mess and re-pulled it back up.

" Alright up there bae?" Perrie called.

" Yeah, I'm coming Per." she chuckled and I wondered back down. Grabbing my keys, Perrie pulled me into the pastle pink car. I started it up and took off for the centre shops of LA.


" First Stop!! Secrurity!" Perrie yelled. I suppressed a giggle and listened in as she talked to my  security guard Charles. He decided that he was going to meet us in the parking lot.


Stopping at the red lights. Everyone looked way to happy. Why are they happy? Harry dumped me and they look like they have all just received one million dollars.


Perrie's phone began to buzz, it was Zayn.

" Hey baby doll" i heard Zayn cheer.

" Hey love" Perrie smiled.

" How is Ari?" I heard Zayn ask.

" She seems to be okay at the moment but as you can guess. She's crushed." Perrie sighed.

" Tell her we all love her!" Zayn yelled, obviously sensing i was next to Perrie.

i giggled " Thanks Zayn, i love you all too!" i smiled and pressed my foot to the accelerator.


" Well love i'll talk to you later! i love you Zaynie Poo" Perrie cooed, because she knew it annoyed him.

" haha. very  funny. Love you too babe!"


Perrie turned to me.

" Harry is just on his man period. He will come crawling back to you!" Perrie joked pushing my arm.

" Thanks Perrie, but im starting to think i was just part of his puplicity. At the airport, i told him i loved him and we just said, i know?" I frowned, as reality dawned on me. The trees and other cars blurred past us, as we turned off into the clear parking lot.

" Really?" Perrie asked, clearly surprised.

i nodded grabbing my purse and phone.

" WOW, that's harsh." Perrie mumbled climbing out of the passenger seat.

Even in my stilettos i was shorter then Perrie. But not by a lot.

" So where to first Ari?" Perrie asked, looping her arm through mine.

" Nails?"

" Sure, lets go." Pulling me along behind her i laughed as i almost lost my balance.


There was a certain smell that went with the nail parlour.

" Morning Girls!" Marie smiled leading us through to the back private room.

" Would you just like your usual?" She asked getting the stuff ready.

Perrie looked at me and i smiled.

" Yes please but can i have red today please?" I asked checking my phone.

" sure love!" Marie smiled taking a seat in front of me, mean while Perrie texted Zayn. I opened snapchat.

Arms outstretched in front of me, i held up the finger! Perrie did the same beside me.

Adding it to my story i simply wrote, WE LOVE EVERYONE XX

Perrie opened it and laughed.

" How is it that even we you are pissed off you look hot?" Perrie while she screenshot our picture.

" i don't know, maybe your right! he is being a total jerk, but i still love him" I sighed checking harry's story.

" I know love, but you've got me and haters gonna hate." She smiled.

Leaving the nail parlour, i was dragged into Forever 21.


Four and a half hours later, we were done.

crashing at home, i yelled to Perrie.


" SURE" Perrie yelled back.


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