Missing You

'I wont be gone long" he whispered hugging me. The security was tight, there were paparazzi everywhere.
' I love you Harry' I whispered. The stray tears falling freely down my cheeks.
' I know' he whispered, letting go.


3. Dinner with the Grande's

Stepping out of the shower, I was careful not to step onto the carpet.

Forty five minutes later I stepped out into the kitchen, wearing a red skirt white sweetheart top dress. My hair was in its half up half down ponytail.

Perrie was wearing a midnight blue skirt and a white crop top.

She was on her phone............ again.

" Earth to  Perrie!!" I yelled, waving my hands in front of her face.

She giggled at me. " You okay Ari?" she asked grabbing my arms, " Stop jumping around, your way too excited. Its like you and Harry never....." I immediately stopped.

" Oh my God, Ari, im sorry. I didn't mean  to" Perrie immediately tried to mend the wound.

I held my hands up. " Its fine, I'll be fine."  smoothing out my dress, we set our phones up on the table and posed for the timer.

Sixteen poses later, we had enough photos for instagram and twitter.

" Okay, let's go, we have half an hour to get there!!" I yelled, dragging Perrie out the door.

" Ari, I love you,.... but " I stopped and turned to Perrie. " Calm down, I don't think its safe to drive when your a littleeeeee, bit crazy"

I started laughing. " Oh Perrie, LIVE ON THE EDGE!!" climbing into the car we cranked up the radio, but when Steal my Girl came on, I turned it off.

My grip on the steering wheel became tighter, and I felt the tears threaten to come again.

" Ari..." Perrie trailed off. I just nodded and focused on which street I needed to turn down.

Pulling up, I climbed out of the car. Before I could even step onto the gravel, out the front of the white stone steps, Frankie had pulled me to a bone crushing hug.

" Frankie, I love you,.... But I cant breathe!" I wheezed

" Oh Sorry Ari Bear!" he cooed fluffing my hair.

" You dyed your hair again?" I asked touching the pink tips at the top of his head.

" Yeah..... now where is Harry, IM GONNA WHOOP HIS ARSE!" Frankie yelled.

Perrie climbed out of the car and glanced at the scene. I thought she was going to be stunned, but instead she laughed.

" You weren't kidding when you said he was crazier than you." Perrie laughed.

" I know right?!!" I laughed. Perrie had met my parents so there were no awkward introductions when we stepped into the chandelier lit, marble kitchen.

" Hi sweetie, how are you?" my mum cooed from behind the stove.

" Im okay. How are you?"

" Good, your brother has been driving me mad!" I laughed.

" Oh Perrie dear, how are you?" Mum asked, finally noticing the other human in the room.

" Im doing fine thanks Mrs Grande." Perrie smiled. Her phone began to ring.

" Im so sorry, I have to take this." I nodded and shoed her out the room.

Frankie took me into the back room and we sat and chatted.

" Did he have an excuse Ari?" Frankie asked handing me a mug of hot chocolate.

" He just said the long distance thing wasn't really working so he broke up with me. I don't understand what he was doing this entire time, he never once responded to my I love yous with one back?" I sighed, a frown appearing between my brows.

" Yeah he is just a bad bad boy!!" Frankie sighed.

Perrie wondered back in.

" Ari can I borrow you? I hope im not intruding?" She smiled. I nodded and followed her.

" Whats up Perrie?"

"Well the boys are coming back next month and they were thinking road trip?"

I thought about it for a moment. I would mean seeing Harry again, but then again, I might be able to mend our relationship.

" Sure, love, why not."

" Cool!!" Perrie ran out to tell Zayn and I went back across the large stone, to help mum in the kitchen.

" Okay so Ari, I have salad for you Because of your VEGANness." I smiled at her and helped carry it all into our windowed dining room.


we left my house feeling like we were going to explode. Frankie promised to visit me again before he left for a trip to Florida.

" Thanks mum, dad"  I smiled kissing them both on the cheek.

" Thank so much for dinner, it was amazing!" Perrie sighed rubbing her belly.

My stilettos clicked along the gravel as we made our way to the car. My phone began to buzz.

Lifting it out of my purse, it was Niall.

" Hey Ni Ni" I smiled putting the key into the ignition.

" Hi Ari Ari" I giggled.

" Whats up Ni?"

" Not much, how are you?"

" Im okay, just missing Harry you know." I sighed watching Perrie pick at her nails.

" Yeah,.. im sorry sweet cheeks, I wish there was something I could do for you love." Niall sighed.

" hehe, thanks Ni, your really sweet. When you get back, can I have a Horan Hug?"

" of course babe!" Niall chuckled.

" Thanks, look I have to go, but we can talk later.. K?"

" Yeah sure. Ari, your my bestie, and I love you for it!" Niall cooed.

" Love yah too Ni."

I steadily pulled out of the driveway. Honking the horn twice before driving onto a freeway.

" Ari, are you okay? You seem really hormonal lately?"  Perrie asked sounding worried.

" yeah, I think its just Harry." I sighed running my hands through my hair.

" Really, are you sure your not pregnant?" Perrie suddenly got edgy.

" Oh gosh no. I haven't missed one!" I laughed.

" Okay good. That would be worrying!" Perrie chuckled.

the drive home was just us jamming out to what ever song was on the radio. I almost died with laughter.

" Are we going to do a Twit Cam when we get home?" Perrie asked checking her messages.

" Yeah sure. that would be fun." I smiled, turning onto our street.

" Ari?" Perrie asked nervously.

" Yeah?" I asked parking the car.

" You know how we were talking about pregnancy?"

I nodded waiting for her to continue.

" I think I'm pregnant." Perrie trailed off again.

I turned to her dropping my car keys on the steps.

" Oh my god, this is amazing!" I cheered.

" I haven't told Zayn because I'm not certain, but I want you to come with me to the doctors tomorrow please." Perrie smiled as I unlocked the house we shared together.

" Of Course love!" I smiled locking the door behind Perrie.

I hung my jacket up on the umbrella stand before taking Perrie's and doing the same.

" Well, I'm exhausted, I'm going to bed, is there anything I can get you?" Perrie asked taking off her stilettos.

" No thanks, I think ill just watch some TV and then head off to bed, thank Perrie." I smiled picking up the empty cups off of the coffee table.

" And here is ONE DIRECTIONNN!!" the interviewer yelled.

hearing their name made me drop the mugs. They smashed on the grey carpet, quickly bending down to pick up the pieces, I watched intently. There was the usual questions, but then they asked about me.

" Harry, how is Ariana?" the interviewer asked politely.

" Umm, actually we broke up, but its okay." Harry smiled twiddling this thumbs.

I ran into the sink and dropped the broken mugs into the bin. This is going to be a long couple of months!

Road Trip, here we come!!


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