Imagines || Luke.H

Just a bunch of imagines on Luke

(Other imagine books in series

Imagines || Michael . C (not published yet)
imagines || Calum . H (not published yet)
imagines || Ashton . I (not published yet)


1. 0.1

Int: “Who’s single boys… Any ladies on tour with you?”

Calum: “Oh yeah, Lucas has got someone.”


Int: “Oh! tell us, who is she?”

Ashton: “Y/n, shes one of Luke’s old friends from school but she joined us on tour and they are together like… all the time.”

Luke: “I wouldn’t say that, Ashton.”

Michael: “He’s a liar, you can hear them in the bunks practically every night.”

Luke: [nervously laughs] “Uhh… shut up, Michael.”

Int: [turns to the camera, raising an eyebrow while she laughs] “Oh, so Luke isn’t as innocent as he’s claimed to be, huh?”

Ashton: “Hm… yeah.”

Calum: “Please. Luke, don’t even lie. [gestures to Luke while looking at the camera] Luke thinks that y/n and him are ‘just friends’ but lets be honest, they fuck all the time.”

Luke: “If you don’t shut your mouth now-“

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