After the Before {calum hood}

After Calum and his lover are involved in a car crash, she looses her memory and is unable to remember who he is. Can their love stay strong?


1. 1

"She will have amnesia I am afraid." The doctor analyzed tossing apart the maze of wires hung on her body like overgrown vines.

"No," I panicked. "She cannot! Will she remember me?"

"Probably not. She will not remember anything recent. She will have immense headaches and please do not rush her when she wakes up okay?" he instructed scribbling away at his metal clipboard. "Take care son."

I watched him go and slumped into my chair. The buzzing of the machines tranced me into a horrifying memory.


"Are you sure you're fine?" I asked worriedly glancing at her from the corner of my eye. My hands were planted with a mental stamp against the wheel and were turning a pale, milk cream color.

"Yes sir." she slurred. "Just a little bit dizzy."

"You shouldn't have dr-"

"Why are you pushing against me?" she asked angrily. "You always do this. You are such a buzz kill."

My knuckles paled lighter as I wringer my hands against the wheel and stopped for a light.

"Monica. What the hell are you talking about? I'm not even getting mad at you!"

"Shut up. I'm getting out of the car." she presented unbuckling her seatbelt. The light had turned green again and I slowed the vehicle.

"Monica! Put your seatbelt back on." I demanded as if she was a child.

"I hate you!" she shrieked. "I hate you! I ha-"

She never got to finish because a deep pressure and sudden darkness caressed me.


I solemnly rubbed the tear away that had escaped and rubbed my hands over my bruised face.

I had only gotten a large bruise along my jaw and a opening in the back of my head where the wheel and other car crashed against me.

I was the one who was suppose to die.

A shallow breath whispered into the air. "Who are you?"

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