Beside You (A Michael Fan-Fic)

This is about Michael and Calum's little sister that nobody knows about.

Everything else you need to know will be in "Before I start"


2. Chapter 1

I woke to the sound of 4 screaming boys. Ashton was upset because we are out of Vegemite. Luke burnt his toast. Michael couldn't find his favorite plaid shirt. And Calum was screaming because everyone was making a lot of noise.

So I got up in my tank top and sweatpants and went downstairs. On the way down I had to prepare myself for a total mess. "Okay! First thing's first!" I screamed to get their attention. "I'm the realist!" they all screamed back. "I swear sometimes I think you all are white girls. Ashton, we will go to town in a little bit to get more Vegemite! Luke, throw away the burnt bread and hand me some bread and I'll make you some more. Michael, your shirt is in the wash. It will be out in a little bit. Calum, just shut up!" I said. And that is how you handle teenage boys.

So yeah this is basically my whole life. Except in the afternoon the boys go to rehearsal. And on very special days, the boys have a concert. If you don't know who Ashton, Luke, Michael, and Calum are then you haven't lived. They are a band called 5 Seconds of Summer. And yes they are amazing! Especially my brother. Ashton is the drummer. Luke is the lead singer (and kinda plays guitar, but don't tell him I said that). Michael plays guitar. And Calum plays bass. They all sing. Luke and Calum mainly.

So after fixing Luke's toast and waiting for the laundry to finish for Michael, we all got ready and went to the store for Ashton.

Okay that's the first chapter. This is my first ever fan fic so please no hate. I know it probably sucks. But if anybody is reading this please tell me what I can fix. That'd be great <3. Love everyone of you!

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