Vampires Rise (The Novel)

Emilya is a smart girl. With a couple hundred years of skill in technology, she helps the Queen take over the human race so they don’t have to hide anymore. But eventually there are sides to be choosing and is Emilya choosing the right one? Emilya is the brains of the operation but it takes only her decision to change the whole course of World War V. Which side will you choose?



WARNING: If you have not read Vampires Rise, the short story, I suggest you do. It isn't exactly like important, it just goes into what happens before this starts. AND this is for someone who (I believe) wanted me to continue that short story. And I came up with this! SOOOOOOOO Prepare you butts. ;D Tah Tah <3


Jeffrey slammed his hands down on the large oval shaped conference desk. “You shouldn’t of started this! This isn’t a war, it’s a bloody slaughter of the whole human race!” Then he pointed at me. “And why is she here?”


Jinx simply crossed her leg over the other and smiled. “She was the one keeping things,” She paused to find the right word. “organized.”


I could see why he would make a big deal out of me being in the conference room, where all the elders sat and had their little meetings about our race and humans. Of course I was very odd looking, and I could tell the others thought so too by the way they were staring at me. But that’s just what they were, elders, and my tattoos, dreads, and multiple holes in my face did not quite fit their uptight standards. Then again, I wasn’t here to please them, I was here because of Jinx.


I stood, making my combat boots slam against the decorative tile flooring. The sound echoed and everyone hushed. The only one smiling in delight was Jinx. “I beg your pardon, Sir, but the way I look has nothing to do with my skill and age as a part of this race, and I am not about to let our elder council lecture me on just that alone.” I took in a breath. “My name is Emilya Rose. I have been specializing in technology for almost twenty-five hundred years. I may be sixteen in human years but make no mistake, I am much older than I appear. I can hack into one of the best military bases in the world. I had been eyeing human’s defenses for a long time and our plan has been running quite smoothly.”


“If you fear of failure, then fear not, because we are succeeding in this takeover process. Whatever the doubts, I assure you there should be none.” I glanced at Jinx who nodded.


“That does not answer the question, Miss Rose.” He grimaced. “Why attack the human race?”


“Then to answer your question Jeffrey.” Jinx said, leaning forward. “The Queen is sick of hiding. Sick of being a little ghost story. It came under my order and I do not believe you have any right to question me.” Jinx tapped her heel on the floor. “Do you, Jeffrey?”


He tried not to wince at her comment. Jinx had a point, this was never a democracy. Jinx was the Queen of our race, of the Leeches, and if she so desired, the humans as well. Jinx stood up slowly, and strutted to the door. Her pretty blood red nail pointed to me and then scrunched up, signalling for me to follow behind, and so I did. My combat boots hitting the floor loudly as I exited the room, leaving the elders to have their own conversations.


“You stunned them.” I said after the doors closed and we were now in the hall.


“In time they will understand.” She said without looking at me.


“I am surprised they didn’t make a big deal about you being gone for ages, living with the humans.” I said honestly.


I knew she was smirking then. “That’s our little secret.” She whispered.


After we parted ways, I sprinted down a long hallway to my quarters, not wanting to run into anyone who may be angry with the sudden take over. Not that they knew who I was. Not many people knew me because most of the time I was working on my computers. Monitoring the life above ground for Jinx. Secretly I missed being free to roam but because of the rule, we were never allowed outside in the open. Which meant we were stuck down under ground, where we built our homes and cities all under the real ones.


Of course I was rebellious at my young new found age. I desired nothing but to be free and not confined of the underground walls that kept us here. I would escape when they left the doors open for the hunters. Tricking humans with my new abilities and sprinting in the fields, till a young boy found me. He was a cute kid and reminded me of my human years, even though they had been faded and distant, like i never lived such a normal life before.


The only reason I was here was because I was turned. Normally you don’t remember what happened to you on the day of a turning, that or you forget about it as the years trudge on. Even I have forgotten, but Jinx tells me she was the one who had turned me by accident, on a night of a feeding. She was still iffy then about going out but when she did, there I was. And she craved human flesh more than anyone. Instead she spared me because I was still so young and fragile, too cute to ruin such a life, so I became something like a daughter to her.


I shook the memories away and dragged my feet to my computer chair, and turned to sit in front of my eight computer monitors. I pulled up street cameras to see how everything was going. The Leeches, a poor excuse for insane zombie-like vampires, were still successfully pushing their way out of california. They were now in many different states, killing and feeding on innocent children and other humans. I shook my head as I turned my sound up to hear the news.


“these vampire like creatures seem to still be causing havoc in the streets of many different states. Their numbers have decreased but not enough to end this tragic story-”


I heard a faint knock on my door. I knew it could one of two people, Jinx or her brother Jason. I was about to get up to look through the peephole but it was too late because Jason seemed  to rudely enter my quarters with guns and knives in his holsters. I rolled my eyes. “Get out.” I threw a stack of unwanted raw animal head at him that Jinx thought I should have. I really hated the taste of the brain, even though it was a delicacy to Jinx.


“Ew gross!” He cried out. “Why does Jinx still send you those?” His face was plastered with utter discussed and I couldn’t help but laugh.


Jason took a seat on my bed, placing his hands under his head to relax. I couldn’t help but remember when i first met those bright yellow eyes. They were so full of kindness and care. It’s like it only happened yesterday, but of course it was more than a couple hundred years ago.




“Who is she?” The man with yellow eyes stared at me. His hair was spiked and placed on one side of his head. Guns and Knives occupied at his sides but I didn’t feel threatening to me.


“Isn’t she beautiful.” The woman asked, her face lighting up like a Christmas tree. she on the other hand, frightened me.


That woman attacked me. That woman brought me here. I have to call the cops, I have to call my parents. I wanted so desperately to run out of this room, it just felt to confining. Why did she have to bring me here, why did she have to kidnap me? I had to get out.


“Humans aren’t pets Jinx.” The man said. “You cannot just take them whenever you please. You aren’t even supposed to be leaving.” I could tell he was irritated.


She just rolled her eyes. “I couldn’t help being curious of the outside world. Just look at her, she is going to be a good girl. I can feel the power she will gain with time.”


“You are a creep.”


“I must go, take care of her. She will be staying with you Jason.”


“Don’t leave her with me!” He shouted. But the woman was already gone in a flash.




The man’s name was Jason. Human? He called me a human. He made it sound like he wasn’t. Was he not a human. I felt like they were going to bad things to me. Isn’t that what happened to sixteen year old girls when they got kidnapped?


The man made his way over to me and I began feeling nervous. I didn’t realize i was shaking till he said something. “No need to be scared.”


“What happened? Why did you kidnap me? I feel different.” Different was an understatement. I felt pain yet powerful, if that were even possible.


“I suppose my sister felt bad taking your life. I’ll explain everything to you, just drink this.” He handed me a red looking beverage. “How old are you?”


I tried to rack my brain for any specific information. “Sixteen.” I said, staring at the thick drink. I began to feel starved and took a sip.


“And your name?”


“Can I go home?”


He sighed, placing a hand on his face before looking at me with such gentle eyes. “This has to be your home now.”




Long story short, Jason was the only one I trusted for the longest time. He helped me get used to everything and cared the most about me. I roomed with him till I was able to take care of myself, and that’s when he got placed on hunting duty. As responsible as Jason was, he was also the most childish. Being the second oldest vampire in the world he said you have to have fun at some point in this long life.


“I don’t know, did she stop sending them to you?” I asked.


“Yeah, after I almost stabbed her with a deer antler.” He chuckled.


I huffed. “Maybe I should try that same time.”


He looked at me with those dazzling yellow eyes. They were far better than my plain old grey ones. “So did you forget what day it is?” He asked me.


I looked at him with confusion. “Clearly.”


“Your human birthday!” He yelled.


“How do you know my human birth year?” I faced my computer, not caring about how old I had been B.T. (Before Transformation). All i had to do was add 16 to my several hundred years of living A.T. (After Transformation).


He shrugged. “Jinx has your birth certificate.”


“She is a creep.”


“But she loves you.” He smirked.


“Love.” I repeat under my breath, as if it was a word not yet placed into my vocabulary. Love meant nothing to me and the only love I could ever afford to have was the love for my computers.


“So, I heard about what Jinx did.” He said, changing the subject to a more undesirable one. Disappointing him was the last thing I ever wanted.


“Yeah?”  I asked, continue to monitor the Leech's progress.


He was serious now, I could tell by the anger in his voice. “Now no one can go out and find food. We cannot live a peaceful life anymore.”


If he was trying to argue with me it wasn’t going to work. “It’s time to stop hiding.” I said softly.


“It’s time she stops trying to take over. Isn’t being queen of our race good enough? And why are you on her side?”


I turned to him, staring into his eyes. They reminded me of sunlight and they fit his cheerful and bright mood. “I think Jinx has a point is all.”


“She is slaughtering. That is like the humans coming down here and killing our race. She is being like Hitler.” I grumbles.


“I am sure they shared the same ideas.” I said, trying to lighten the mood.


“I don’t know what she saw in him.” He rolled his eyes. “I hated the guy but she was happy with just the death of a couple thousand of humans. Less for her to hunt down.”


I shook my head. “She loves tragedy.”


“Oh don’t even get me started on the days of racism.” He huffed.


Before I could comment, there was a knock on my door. I got up slowly and peaked through the hole. I didn’t exactly trust just opening the door to anyone who desired entry, but Jason was a different story. After a while Jinx kicked my door off its hinges. The door flew and hit my wall, leaving a dent.


“Thanks asshole!” I yelled.


“Answer your door faster next time.”


“You’re replacing that.”


She smirked. “Already brought a guy to fix it.” A worker strutted in, and tried placing a whole new door on. “Anyway, I need your assistance in the field.” She faced Jason now.


“I am not helping you.”


“Oh don’t be upset with me too little brother.” Jinx pouted.


He didn’t say anything after that until Jinx tried to walk over to him. He placed a hand on his knife, as if he would brawl right here in my room because he was so heated about the topic. I just felt lucky I still wasn’t on his shit list.


“Don’t you dare touch me.” He growled, as if he was some sort of animal. “I have been putting up with all your shit for thousands of years Jinx but this…” He paused, giving it a dramatic effect. “This is going to be Hell. We are targets now! I am done with you.”


Jason stood up and tried to brush passed Jinx but she grabbed his wrist. Jason took out his knife and in a flash it was against Jinx’s neck. Jinx wasn’t phased by the situation, as if this has happened a hundred or so times, but there was a glint in her eye that seemed painful. No physical pain, but maybe some what emotional.


When Jason realized she wasn’t going to do anything and that she got the final hint, he walked out of my room, second door flying out into the hall.




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