thats what you get

"my name is Celaena Sardothien and I will not be afraid...oh Sam."


2. the secrets


"sam, no, no sam"

I woke with a start, tears streaming down my face.

then I saw it, the thing caused me to wake up. I drew one if my blades from it's sheath I the table beside me,

"get out" I snapped, he just stared at me, "go away Ronan" I growled,

"what's the matter with you Celaena?"

"its none of your business" I bared my teeth at him,

"are you challenging me" he raised an eyebrow at me,

"so what if I am?" he stepped closer to the bed, I stood up from the bed, balling my fists at my sides, "i don't want to talk to you, what makes you think I will talk to you of all people?"

"Aelin" he snapped, I launched myself at him, jumping on him, we struggled for a while, I made a few punches to his face, he got me back for each. he kicked me in the back of my knee causing my to fall to the floor, he then straddled me waist pinning down,

"explain yourself or I wont let you up" he growled,

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