thats what you get

"my name is Celaena Sardothien and I will not be afraid...oh Sam."


1. chapter 1


"be careful alright" I called out to the girl about to step onto the boat in front of her,

"why do you worry so much Chaol?" she retorted,

"I, uh"

"well you don't need to" she snapped,

"Celaena, I worry because I care" I told her, I could feel the colour rising to my cheeks, "and nothing will change that" I pulled her closer in to an embrace and I felt her arms wrap around my sounders,

"i'll be fine" she whispered, " but I need to tell you some thing before I go" she whispered a awful lot of information into my ear, finishing with a date that seemed to have nothing to do with any of the rest of the information and then stepped away.

"what does that mean?" I asked,

"you'll figure it out" she said, "but when you do just remember, remember its never made any difference to me, and it never will, i'd still pick you, i'll always pick you"

"please just tellme what it means" I took one stepped towards her, "i love you"

"i'm sorry" she whispered and ran off towards the ship. I just stood and watched her go, and she was watching me back, I stayed there till I could no longer see the ship on the horizon.


when I arrived back at the castle dorian was waiting for me, I just nodded to him and made my to Celaena's room, there must have been something in there that would explain the date she told me.

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