Will you stay?

Nicole hates football, like really hates it, but Aimee is begging her to go to the next game. "You'll love it," she promises. Finally, Nicole agrees. She puts her best foot forward and decides to be a good friend. But when Nicole goes to the game, do passions ignite, flames fire, or will the guy she likes not notice her at all?


5. Chapter 5

We talked for a couple hours before I headed home. Tonight was the football game. I had to get ready for that. The only good thing about that was that Kaleb played on our team. Before I got ready for the game (which didn't start until 6:30) I went upstairs to my brothers room and talked to him for a wile. He also played on the football team, number 18 he was. I wasn't sure what number Kaleb was, I would feel like such a fool if I would have texted him to ask. I guess I'll just have to wait until tonight. Me and my brother talked about football, you know he just have me some tips on how the game is played. Around 5:00 I started getting ready.

I took a shower first. That was always the first part of getting ready. Than I went and did my hair and makeup, I didn't spend much time on my hair all I did was throw it up in a messy bun and curl the pieces that were hanging down. After that all was done I had to pick out an outfit. I thought a sweatshirt with our schools named and mascot on it with some skinny jeans, I topped all of that nonsense off with a pair of black and white converse.

Aimee than texted me around 6:00.

From Aimee😘: Heyyyy Nicole you remember the football game is tonight I'll pick you up in about ten minutes be ready!!!

To Aimee😘: Okay I'm ready now and I got to tell you something important tonight.....

From Aimee😘: Okay see ya in 10

To Aimee😘: sounds good👍 let's go get us some foooootttballlll🏈😝

Even though I was kind of excited about football I wasn't really. The only thing I was excited about was that Kaleb was playing, not mentioning my brother Hayden. I heard a honk outside my window. I ran downstairs locking the front door and me and Aimee were on our way.

"Ummm.... Aimee, I said nervously, You know Kaleb right?"

"Ya why wouldn't I he is super cute, and he is number 15 in football."

"Ya, umm well, I told her while my stomach was turning over, He gave me his number and we went out to eat last nigh." I didn't want to tell her the whole other part of the story.

"Oh my God, Nicole I am so happy for you." She said to me with a big smile on her face.

"Thanks I think we are kinda dating now."

"Good IM so glad your finally found someone that fits you."

"I know, and Aimee thank you for being so supportive."

She turned and looked at me with a big smile on her face. When we finally arrived at the high school the boys were about to go on. Dani met us there.

"Hey Nicole, I have missed you."

"Awww Dani I have missed you to."

We all got to sit at the very top of the bleachers. The game now started. It was automatically 8 to 0. When it was finally half time I went to the concession stand to get a drink.

"Hi may I help you?" The girl asked me.

"I'll take one Dr.Pepper please."

"Okay, That will be $1.50 please."

When she handed me my drink I slowly walked back up to the bleachers. As I was sitting down the cheerleaders came on. Aimee's younger sister Ashley,along with about twelve other girls,is also a cheerleader for the football team. Today I guess was crazy sock night? All of the girls had on crazy different colored socks. Pink,red,polka dotted. When they were all done doing... Whatever it was they did. The game was back on,the guests caught up the score was 18 to 18. I really hoped we did win though. Number 15 caught the ball and took us in for a touchdown. Everybody stood up and cheered, Kaleb....well he was pretty good at this.

When the game was over Aimee walked onto the field to talk to the football players. I just followed her sense she acted like she knew what she was doing. She walked up to number 22 of course it was Gavin. While she was talking to him I went to go find number 15. As I was walking to find him I bumped into one of the football players.

"I am so sorry." I retorted.

He looked down, I didn't even know his name. He had beautiful blue eyes, blond hair, and huge muscles. I read number 25 on his jersey.

"Oh that's okay,it was my fault." He apologized to me.

"No it was mine I should watch were I am going next time."

"It's fine, so what is your name?" He asked me while blushing.

"Nicole, what about you Mr.25?" I couldn't help it to laugh when I asked him this.

He answered while laughing. "It's Brandon."

"Well Brandon I am sorry I bumped into you,so I'm just going to leave you alone." I told him this with a little sadness entering me.

"No it's fine, In fact I would love to take you out for dinner some time. May I have your number?"

"Umm... Ya that's fine here I'll wright it down for you." I jotted my number down on a pice of paper and slid it into his name while blushing.

"Thanks, Nicole I'll text you later."

"Okay that's fine."

He turned away. He was super cute, I guess football isn't so bad after all. I said under my breath. But, what am I going to do about Kaleb, after we went threw all of that. I can't hurt him, if I went out to dinner with Brandon would that be considered cheating?

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