Will you stay?

Nicole hates football, like really hates it, but Aimee is begging her to go to the next game. "You'll love it," she promises. Finally, Nicole agrees. She puts her best foot forward and decides to be a good friend. But when Nicole goes to the game, do passions ignite, flames fire, or will the guy she likes not notice her at all?


3. Chapter 3

On our way home Aimee turned to me smiled and said, I got a nervous feeling."Would it be okay if I dated Gavin?" She asked, my heart skipped a beat. I mean why would I care he wasn't mine to control and she wasn't mine to control either. I didn't have any feelings for him, Did I?

"Nicole it dosent bother me if you say no I mea...." I interrupted.

"I can't control you, I don't care. I mean. Why would I?"

She explained to me. "Well I thought you liked him and I didn't know."

"Nope he is just my really good guy friend, I mean he is cute and everything I just don't want to date him."

"Well okay but if it bothers you I won't."

"I'm fine Aimee now go and get his number."

"Actually I already got his number from him earlier but, I swear if you would have said no I would have thrown it out the window."

"I'm sure you would have." I said with a smirk on my face.

"Shut your face, Nicole I would have I'm being serious your my best friend and I would have not dated him without your permission." She said about to tear up.

I went and gave her a big hug.

Later that evening Kaleb texted me.

From Kaleb: Hey Nicole what you doing

To Kaleb: Nothing much just sitting here watching tv.

From Kaleb: That sounds fun, insted of that do you want to go get something to eat?

To Kaleb: I'm not doing anything give me about 30 minutes to get ready.

From Kaleb: Sounds good I'll pick you up in one hour.

To Kaleb: Alright see ya than

From Kaleb: Ummm.... How do you get to your house?

To Kaleb: Ill txt you when I get out of the shower and tell you.

From Kaleb: okay see ya in a little bit.

I jumped up from my cozy spot on the couch and ran upstairs to take a shower I shaved and washed my hair.

To Kaleb: where are we going I need to know what I should ware?

From Kaleb: Oh... Well I haven't really figured that out yet just be yourself ;-)

To Kaleb: okay but if I embarrass you from not dressing appropriately.

From Kaleb: You won't just dress... Dress up nice Ill be there in 30 minutes.

To Kaleb: okay see you then

When I was finally done texting Kaleb I sat my phone down and started getting ready. I curled my hair into little waves with a little white bow. I wore my high wasted skirt that was a bluish green color that was closer to green. I also put on a cute white blouse, finally I topped all of that off with my cute pair of black wedges. As I was finishing up my makeup the doorbell rang. I went down stairs to get the door it was, of course Kaleb. His mouth dropped just a little where I could notice it.

"Wow, you look gorgeous."

"Awww thanks Kaleb." I told him while blushing.

He also looked gorgeous, I just didn't want to say anything. He was wearing jeans with a black button up shirt.

"So are you ready?" He asked me with a crack in his voice.

"Yep let's go."

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