Will you stay?

Nicole hates football, like really hates it, but Aimee is begging her to go to the next game. "You'll love it," she promises. Finally, Nicole agrees. She puts her best foot forward and decides to be a good friend. But when Nicole goes to the game, do passions ignite, flames fire, or will the guy she likes not notice her at all?


1. Chapter 1

I walked to school that morning, it was so calm birds chirping, a low breeze in the cool fall air, I loved it. As I was walking to school my best friend Aimee came up behind me

"Hey Nicole Whatcha up to?" She said with a smirk on her face.

"Same as you, walking to school." I said with a sardonic tone.

"Oh sooo," I didn't like where this was going, " There is a football game this Thursday," "

"Aimee you know I'm not that interested into football, sorry."

"Oh but please Nicole it's only one game and I have no one to go with and I thought it would just be fun, for ya know you, me, and even Dani might come. I guaranteed she will. Oh please Nikkie Please." She looked at me with puppy dog eyes I mean she was my best friend, I just couldn't say no to her.

"Oh alright, I'll go but just this one game." I said that with my stomach turning a little.

"So I'll see ya later?,meet me in front of the school at the end of the day." I was saying as we walked up to the school

She turned gave me a big thumbs up and walked on to first period.

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