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1. gone

Hi I am Hannah hemmings yeah I am Luke hemmings little sister he is overprotective since our parents got killed last year in a car crash he is 18 I am 14 anyway back to the story

My pov

I was in my room listening to music I got a text on my phone from unknown number I opened it it said go kill yourself nobody likes you I started crying Luke must have heard me he came in my room along with cal and ash I was in my corner crying with blood on my wrist Luke ran to me he picked me up and carried me to the bathroom he asked me why I did this I showed him the text he hugged me and said he was sorry we got my wrist all cleaned up he put band aids on them he kissed my forehead and carried me to his room he said I was staying there until it was time for bed it was 730 I layed on his bed while they were sitting on his couch/futon I must have fallen asleep I woke up about 1230 in Luke's room he was asleep next to me I got ready to get up he put his hand on my waist and pulled me back down I said Luke I am going to bed he told me to sleep with him so I layed back down he pulled my close to his chest when we got up it was 845am we went downstairs the boys were having band practice today at our house the boys got here and they started practicing I invited my BFF Alayna me and her went to my room she said she had news about justin I said what about him she said he is back

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