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4. gone and returned

Me and Harry have been dating for a week then I saw him and a girl walking down the street I said they are just friends then he kissed her I walked past them Harry looked at me and saw I was crying he grabbed my arm I pulled away and ran home I saw ash and the boys in the living room I went in and ran upstairs ash and luke came in they asked what's wrong I said you were right about Harry he is a cheater ash sai he cheated on you I said yes he got up and left I heard the front door open and close and me an luke went downstairs I saw cal on the couch he said mikey wen with ash we said okay I sat down next to cal and hugged him luke came in and sat next to us luke aske if I was okay I said yeah I am fine he hugged me we heard the front dork it was ash and mikey I said where is Harry ash said he isn't coming back I said what do you mean he said he is at the park he is really mad I got up got my jacket and said I am going to go talk to him okay they said okay I walked to the park and saw him he was next to the spot we always sat at I sat next to him he hugged me and said he was sorry I said it's fine he said please take me back I will never cheat on you again I said okay only one time Harry first and last time okay he said okay and kissed me we pulled away and walked home we went in I told the boys he has one more chance they were happy

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