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2. forever

When she tol me he was here I ha to get away after she left the boys were still practicing I couldn't tell Luke justin was back he never liked him I grabbed a bag put some clothes in there and my money I had to get away from here adore justin found me I was running downstairs I heard the boys coming down the hall downstairs I got to the door Luke grabbed my arm I pulled away I looked t him with tears I ran out before he could say anything I saw justin walking towards me he hugged me I let him I told him I have to go I saw Alayna walking towards me along with her brother her brother and me and everybody else hate justin he is a cheater and he abused me he would beat me he saw them coming towards us he slapped me and punched and kicked me Alayna's brother brad grabbed him off of me Alayna grabbed me me and her went to her house with brad I didn't feel strong I fell to the ground brad carried me bridal style to there house he set me on the couch he came back with a cloth I had a cut on my lip and eye he cleaned the blood off he told me to get some rest he carried me home cause I still couldn't stand up or walk when we got up to the door I knocked Luke came to the door he saw my lip and eye he thanked brad for bringing me home he said no problem he handed me to Luke Luke carried me to my room he set me down he covered me up but I got up he said why are you doing I said I am changing my clothes are soaked he said okay I couldn't stand Luke grabbed me sweats and a tshirt he let me change then I layed back down Luke sat back down he got ready to get up I grabbed his wrist and asked him if he would stay with me just in case justin came back he said yes he would get changed and he would be back

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