Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

"Don't let me,
Don't let me go,
Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone." He sang, a tear falling our of his eye.


2. t w o

A loud slam woke me up from my sleep, and I groaned. A man with barely any skin showing with the tattoos covering his whole body. He looked kind of scary. I pretended I was sleeping w hen he turned around, and he smirked at me.


"A tiny little kid. How fun will this be."


I gulped.


{Harry's POV}


He sat on my bed, playing with my curls. I'm surprised he didn't feel me shaking yet.


He got up, looking at my things.


"Harry. Sexy."


My blush crept on my face, and I covered it with the blanket.


"Harry.. Oh Harryy......" He cooed, shaking me lightly.


I opened my eyes.


"What?" I groaned, rubbing my eyes because of the brightness.


"I'm your roommate. Louis. Louis Tomlinson."


"Um.. Err.. How did you know my name?"


"Oh. The... Office told me. Yeah." He lied terribly.

I got up, putting on a plain white muscle tee and black skinny jeans, going to the kitchen part of our room, taking the Yorkshire Tea box with me.


"You're a bad liar, you know?" I chuckled, shaking my head. I furrowed my brows.


Where was it?


"Um, Louis," I called. "Do you know where my-"


"This your looking for? You fell asleep with it, I took it off so you wouldn't ruin this... thing."


"Give me it."


"You have to give me something in return."




"A kiss."


"What?! No!" I screeched, crossing my arms and pouting.


He put a hand on his heart. "Excuse me, I am NOT that ugly. I actually think I'm pretty hot." He picked his nails.


"I don't care. I'd rather not have it on because," I went through my bag, finding my super light lavender flower crown.


"Ha." I said, and put it on my head, going back to my tea.




I finally was done looking around campus, and I walked in my room, seeing drunk people and hearing loud music. I gasped.


"LOUIS!" I yelled angrily.


"Loosen up a little, tomorrow we have school."  A man giggled, smacking my ass. I slapped him, and walked to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of a random drink- I was too mad to check- and chugged it, throwing it in the garbage.




"Baby," I mumbled, kissing the man. I honestly didn't know him, but screw it, this is fun. The man got pulled away from me, and got slapped. Woah. Then Louis pulled me away, and I gasped at what he did next.

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