Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

"Don't let me,
Don't let me go,
Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone." He sang, a tear falling our of his eye.


3. t h r e e { SHORT SORRY :( }

Later bc too violent lol..


I woke up and groaned, rubbing my eyes.


I swear I'm dead if mom finds out I was partying last night.


I exhaled, getting up and putting on pants.


Today was the first day of college. I put on my glasses and gelled back my hair. I put on a formal shirt with a plaid vest and a tie matching it with some khakis. A deep groan was heard from Louis's bed, and I put on my bookbag, grabbing a banana. I nibbled on it, walking out.


"Wait wait wait. Hold up. Turn around." Louis said.


I rolled my eyes. "What?"


"Who are you?"


"Your roommate, dumb ass. Harry. Harry Styles? The guy's name you knew stakerishly?"


"No, that's not you. He looks hot. You're nerdy."


"Excuse you, I'm Harry Edward Styles. And if you wont believe me, I'll show you when classes are over." I said, annoyed.






I heard laughs and giggles going towards me, and I rolled my eyes, walking to my dorm.


"Hi." A girly voice said. I ignored it. "Hello?" She tapped my shoulder.


"What?" I turned around, groaning.


"Gosh, you don't have to be so mean. You can study later."


"Shut up." I stated, walking away from her, shutting the dorm room on her face. She knocked on the door. Louis opened it for her.


"Ah, Lilly. Long time no fuck."

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