Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

"Don't let me,
Don't let me go,
Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone." He sang, a tear falling our of his eye.


4. f o u r

"Ah, Lilly. Long time no fuck."


"Excuse me, I want to talk to Marcel."


"Marcel? Who the fuck is Marcel, baby? Are you high again?"


"SHUT UP!" She screamed, slamming the door open. I ran in the bathroom, combing the gel out and my curls popped out. I put on a black shirt and skinny jeans, walking out. "Um. Excuse me? Is there a nerdish guy around here?" She asked shyly.


My face was hard. "Nerdish? Gosh, how rude can you be?"


"Your Marcel." She smiled.


"Marcel? Harry, what the fuck is she talking about?"


"I don't know. She's probably drunk or something." I lied.


"No I'm not! You are Marcel! He's Marcel!" She pointed to me.


"I'm Harry."




I swear I was about to punch her. "So what if I was? Why do you need me?"


I walked out, and she followed me. "Uhm.."


I went in the library and got my books, checking them out.


"You are Marcel. Your studying!"


"Why does it matter so much?! Why are you stalking me?!"


"Because. I wanted to say something."



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