Don't Let Me Go - Larry Stylinson

"Don't let me,
Don't let me go,
Cause I'm tired of sleeping alone." He sang, a tear falling our of his eye.


5. f i v e



"Yeah. So you better listen to what I say or else." She put a hand on her hip.


"Get out of my way." I demanded, storming into my dorm. She chased after me, and I pushed her away, slamming the door.


"She's lying. She's lying." I whispered to myself, and called her number.








"Hey, I can't pick up the phone right now, I'm to busy living my life. Leave a message after the beep."


"No, Gemma, call me back right now."


I hung up, and called my mom.












"Hello, this is Anne Styles, please leave a message after the beep."


"No no no no no.. No.. This can't be happening." I put on somewhat nice clothes, and went out to the main office on campus.


"I'm going to be out the next week, my sister and mother need me." I said.




"Harry Styles."


I ran out, and hopped in my car.


"Where are you going?"


I screamed, slamming a hand to my chest. "I'm going home, Louis. Get out."




"Problems! Now get out!"


"No. I'm coming with you."


I groaned. "This is all your ex's fault. I think you've caused enough."


"Let me guess, she's holding your family captive?"


"What the-"


"Don't worry, she did that with me too. I know where your kids are. Oh wait, I forgot. You want me to get out. Okay. Bye. Good Luck!"


"Louis!" I grabbed his arm, looking at him pleadingly. "Please help."


"Okay. Get out of campus, and turn right."


I followed the directions until I reached an old, beat up house.


"We're here. Park the car."


I ran to the front of the house, and opened the door, a loud alarm going off. I was panicking, and Louis was smirking at me.


"Don't worry. She's very conceited." He typed in 5 numbers, and it stopped beeping. I sighed in relief, and heard screams and cries.


I followed them, and I heard them underneath me. I jumped, trying to break the old wood, and I succeeded, eventually going on top of someone. They fell to the ground, and I saw the 2 people I love most.

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