Larry Stylinson Imagines

Just little imagines about lil' ole Larry Stylinson

Some short some long

I just go with the flow

(All are mine unless told otherwise.)


1. Slow Dancing At Midnight

Slow dancing at midnight




Lou's P.O.V


I walk out of the kitchen after having a packet of chicken chips and bump into a hard chest and fumble back a few steps to see a sleepy pair of emerald green eyes looking at me affectionately, I blush at his action and look at my wriggling toes. I feel a hand under my chin making me look up, he takes my hand and walks me back into the kitchen and turns on the old fashioned wooden radio to hear a slow song from the 90's. I step on his feet softly and rest my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. He rests his chin on my head and we slowly dance around the kitchen, me still standing on his feet. "I love you BooBear, " I hear from above me in a husky voice, and I just smile and reply "I love you too Hazza, ".

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