Larry Stylinson Imagines

Just little imagines about lil' ole Larry Stylinson

Some short some long

I just go with the flow

(All are mine unless told otherwise.)


3. Baggy Sweaters

Baggy Sweaters

(Influenced by 'Sweater Weather' by The Neighborhood)


3rd Person P.O.V

Louis always loved his over-sized sweaters, always baggy and long on his body and arm, it hid his fragile body even though he hides his body as much as he could anyway. He hated the cold and always snuggled his knees under his sweater. His knitted sweaters were his favorite. He lived in a house by the beach, he hated it, but it was the only place he could think. It was normally deserted because most of the people with these houses were renting for the summer or elderly people. It was coming on autumn and he was just standing on the beach, just few centimeters away from the water touching his toes when the waves came in. He had his arms crossed against his stomach and his sleeves cascading down the side of his torso. His sweater was half way down his thighs. It was his favorite knit sweater. It was a red based knit with blue and white highlights, the stitches running horizontally, he loved horizontal lines, it reminded him of the horizon and how the setting sun makes beautiful colours in the sky and patterns reflecting off the water making it look like the scene has more life than it did normally. The sunset and rise were his favorite parts of day. He had his baggy grey sweatpants on to go with his sweater and lazy bed hair. His face emotionless. A straight face, a daze in his eyes, his head in the clouds as his feet planted to the ground, the sand slipping between his toes as the wind softly moves it when it gets stronger occasionally. He feels like he is at a level of peace and tranquility but also at his craziest mind set of day and seems like it couldn't be knocked off track by the simple wind or calming noise of crashing waves. It wasn't until his boyfriend Harry came out looking worried, and shook Lou out of his trance that he realized it was almost dark and the cool breeze splashing his face as he awakens. Harry takes Lou's hands in his and stretching arms out and bending them into his chest as Harry does the same until their arms are the only reason their chest aren't touching. Harry squeezes Lou's hand as he rests Harry rests his head in Lou's neck. "I was worried about you being out here for so long babe." Harry said as his cheek is squished from leaning on Lou's shoulder, he pecks Lou's neck before standing up again to see Lou's faint smile. They walk inside their house. Harry takes off his work blouse after he closes the door and pulls Louis sweater off as he leaves his skinny jeans on. He grabs Lou's hand and they walk over to their lounge-room and sit on their love seat and snuggle up to each other. The heater on a low revolving pace about ten meters in front of them as they use their body heat and the heater to keep warm. It is to cold out side in the middle of autumn. They fell asleep in each others arms.

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