MLP TeamWork Is Magic


5. Gone Wrong?

As i was about to Walk away from her.. That when I decided. I needed to go back time to find my parents. But how? How could I possibly do that? The guards were on the castle 24/7... I don't really know how I get in there yet.. Yet! I know where the mirror is! I know where the magical mirror is. The one that is able to send u back in time. Just like Sunset Shimmer did once.. But.. But it was in Luna's room. Luna is the worst of them. She was Always in her room. I would have to think about this before doing anything. But I couldn't do it alone.. I needed someone genius. Someone strong. Someone who can make us food while we're gone. Someone small. And someone who's ready to do anything or a friend. But where do I find pony's like that? Am I able to do that? I would have to think about this for tomorrow before doing anything. The I needed pony's on my age. Not someone too small or tall. Well I'd better go to bed now.

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