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2. Dream? or Truth?

My eyes woulden't open. They just woulden't. Maybe they thought that the Worst was going to happen and they simply just couldn't do it. Or else, I was too weak to even do it by myself...


"There u are my Shiny Princess!" Mummy yelled at me. I don't even know why I called her that, when my heart clearly knew that it wasn't her. "Mum!" I turned around with a smile on my face. Do I have to tell u that the smile was fake? No? Well aren't u a genius pony... As i turned around, I noticed that she had a slice of paper in her hoof. "That's strange" I -thought- "listen sweety..." She gave me a hug before finishing the sentence. "The queens are expecting u to come, they said u could skip school today!" She lifted her head up and began smiling, like if it was a great thing. "But what if I'm not expecting them?" I asked her ironic. "Dear..." She began. "There are a reason to this... Do not make me repeat the whole history again..." She put her head a little to the left, that's her way of saying "Pleasseee?" Why do I always fall for that.. God-dammit. "Okay okay, I'm going now.." I gave a *sigh* before she coulden't say anything back. As I walked away from her I heard something that I don't know if I was meant to hear, she said: "That's best for us all.." I didn't stop, but when I looked at the raindrops at the street, I saw my face, it wasn't that pretty...

As I walked and walked, I finally reached Canterlot. I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary, so I just walked right into it. I mean, I have tried this before, I knew exactly what was going to happen. Or not really I guess, sudden some of the main stallion Guards began moving after me, like, if they were stalking me or something.. In the start I thought they just wanted to show me where to go. But it began to be kind a creepy, when I reached the main door to the Canterlot castle. The opened the door for me, and began bowing for me. Was i dreaming?

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