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3. a chance.

But no, I wasn't I was walking inside a circle of the guards. They kept me inside of it, like if I couldn't escape. As we walked inside of the big castle, I noticed some other ponies looking at me from the left. Why did they look at me like that? I walked through them, like if I didn't care. As I walked though a couple of doors, I saw Celestia at the end of the room. She was not looking too happy. *Gulp* I was scared. Why me? Out of all ponies in canter lot then why me?

The guards stopped and was kinda leading me in to the queen. I walked, shaking a little but I was walking. While I was walking I began thinking of god answers for some questions she would ask. But nope I was blank. If only mum and dad were here, right now... I have never really met them. It had to be my biggest wish ever. Just to see a smile on their faces saying: "we're proud of you" *sigh* the thoughts made me look sad. Celestia walked toward me.. And when she came close, she sudden stopped. I looked carefully up only to find a smiling queen that almost said something like: "it's okay my pony".

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