My Sweet Summer c.h.

♬"My Sweet Summer is gone,
she left me here,
with sand in my bed.
She played me all night long.
But I'd do it all over again."♬


2. ♕nobody knows♕


part one

nobody knows

December 29th

"Dani! It's time to get moving! Your plane is leaving soon!" my mum yelled from the foyer.

"Hang on!" I said throwing all my cute and comfy summer clothes all in one small bag which was surprisingly too small for everything to fit. She barged in, "Um, you coming?"

"Yeah." I tucked everything into the bag, and put on my shoes.

"Dani, this is why you need to get up when I as-"

"I know mom! I don't need your nagging!" I snapped.

I tugged the shoelaces together and finished the last knot.

"Let's go.." she said impatiently as she turned on her heel.

I rolled my eyes then we jogged out the door.

- ● -

"Love you.." she said making a kissy face.

"Love you too.." I said kissing her cheek.

"Be safe!" She said while I shut the car door.

- ● -

The plane ride was weird and awkward. There was a kid behind me talking about TMNT non-stop to his twin brother, a person snoring on my left and a person on my right with absolutely no personal space. She actually put her stuff on my lap to get her laptop and then left it, while she was busy I shoved it all on the floor. Afterwards, she complained to the flight attendant and wanted a new seat because I was, "being rude and avoiding personal space.". Yeah right, lady, like you haven't done it at all.. I just can't wait to get off this shitty plane and see Kat, Kylie, and Lanna. I haven't seen them since last summer, except, last time they came to the U.K. instead. But now, I feel their pain. They were saying how they didn't want to go on a plane ever again because this fat guy that fell asleep on Kat's shoulder and drooled. Mine wasn't as bad, but still I hated this.

I fell asleep after the snorer woke up and the kid shut his fat face. Who knows how long, I actually caught up with my sleep at least. But when I got off the plane I called Kat to see where she was because I couldn't see her. She said she was in the front of the airport.

"Where's the front?" I asked.

"By the Macca's." she stated.

"Uhhh. Hold on.."

I looked around even more looking for a Macca's. Turns out there where two.

"Wait, wait, on the west or north side?" I asked.


"M'kay.. I'm on the east so I'll be there in a second.."  I hung up.

I ran to the Macca's, following the directions.

North Macca's this way, North Macca's that way..

I saw a glimpse of her face. "Kat? KAT!"

She swayed her head towards me, "DANI!"

We made our way through the small crowded Macca's line, and embraced in a hug. 

"Where's Lanna and Kylie?" I looked around.

"Oh, Kylie's still in Gladstone, and she's staying because her family are going to go visit Ireland, and Lanna- her mum and dad didn't let her go this year, sadly." she frowned.

"Hey, it's okay, at least I came, or I would lock myself in my room all summer and just be pale." I smiled at her.

"I still live with it.." she chuckled.

"Live with what?" I asked.

"Pale-ness." she continued.

"I thought you meant like a dog or something that you didn't like because you said 'it'." I explained.

"No.. Let's just- let's just go." she started walking off.

But, there was this crowd of people and some famous people, I'm guessing boys, because most of the crowd were girls.

"Woah who are they?!" Kat shouted at me.

"Nobody knows.."


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