My Sweet Summer c.h.

♬"My Sweet Summer is gone,
she left me here,
with sand in my bed.
She played me all night long.
But I'd do it all over again."♬


3. ▽let the summer begin△


▽let the summer begin△

December 30th

"Hey, Dani. WAKE UP." I heard Kat's voice enter the room.

"What? It's like. 1:00 AM and I was already up." I closed my iMac.

"First day of un-official summer is today.." she smiled.

I threw my face in the pillow. "YESSS."

"I know, we can go to the beach and I might actually get TAN!"

"We both know that's not gonna happen." I laughed.

"Whatever. What were you looking at?" she said in a nosy way.

"Uh, do you remember that crowd we saw at the airport three days ago?"

She looked up at the ceiling, "Yeah."

"I think I know who they are."

"Who?" She asked walking towards the bed and collapsing on it next to me.

"5 Seconds of Summer. They came home from their world tour on the 3rd... Blah Blah."

"Wait. Lemme see this." she took my Mac.

She took about three glances at the picture of them. "Ah, I think that this is the band that wrote a song about underwear. Like, She Looks So Perfect or something."

"Yeah." I took my Mac back. "And most of the fans are girls so, I think this is them.."

"Wow. Way to go on the research!" Kat laughed.

"It wasn't that hard. -" I laughed. "Do you wanna have an all-night?" I said turning the laptop's power off.

"Sure, but why?" Kat asked.

"First day of un-official summer and I'm still jet-lagged." I laughed.

"Sure." she smiled. 


The all-night didn't work. We fell back asleep at 8:00 AM and woke back up at 11:00. Woo! nearly four hours of sleep...

Around 2:00 we left for the beach and got there at 3:00. This beach had a scuba-diving center, a petting pool, was right by the coast of Sydney, and wasn't a topless beach. Thank god.

Kat brought two cozy towels, two beach chairs, a cooler, and a giant umbrella that probably could fit ten people underneath it.

While setting up I realized I needed money for this whole summer if I want to have the best summer of '2k15'. But shit. All the openings for a lifeguard are closed and I don't really want a job I can't handle. (I can probably handle it, I just don't think I'll wake up in time for a summer job.) There were giant speakers all around us. Some were in the palm trees, too. All kinds of music was playing, punk, pop, country, rock, and grunge. Who knows what was playing now.

"I'll go get lemonade. I'll be back." I hollered at Kat. She nodded to show she heard.

Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of people here. All the years, I've been to Australia, (may I note; like 3 years.) the place was way to crowded. But not this year.

"Excuse me." I said tapping a guy's bare shoulder. He had a black muscle shirt, reggae swim shorts, and blue flip-flops

He turned around and I was memorized. It was Luke Hemmings.

"Oh I- I'm sorry." I stuttered.

He smiled. "It's fine. Did you need help?"

"Uh, yeah. I was wondering if you were in line..?" I said pointing to the lemonade shacks.

"Yes. But you can butt me." His thumb pointed to the person in front of him.

"Oh, thank you.." I smiled nervously.

"You can come sit with me and my buddies if you'd like." His eyebrows shot above his Ray Bans.

I laughed a little. "Sure."

Who knows what was going to happen next, all I knew is that I was probably going to sit with 5 Seconds Of Summer, and Kat maybe, if she wanted to.

'Hemmo' was already in the front of the line because I decided I'd stay behind him. "Uh, yeah I'll have-" he turned to me, "-Wait, how many friends do you have over?-"


"-Yeah I'll have 6 lemonades..." he pulled out his wallet.

"13.98." the cashier said in a bland, 'I'm bored', voice.


Kat and Michael were laughing and pulling pranks on random strangers. Michael dug a hole and put a towel over it, we waited till a random person sat/lied down on it. A girl popped right down into it. 

"HAHAHAHAHA..! OMIGAWD I CAN'T! AAAH!" Michael laughed and screamed in his towel.

Kat was keeping her laugh inside and clapping her hands.

"Oh my god." Ashton chuckled, hiding his face in his hands.

Subject changed fast, Luke was starting to wonder where this guy named Calum was. I hardly knew any of them. I remembered Ashton by his his pasta-hair, Michael by his ketchup-hair, and Luke by his.. Giraffe-neck-legs.

Ashton wiped his eyes from all the laughter. "He's still at the scuba pool."

"Really? He left when we got here, and it's almost dark." Luke sat up in his chair, his terrible posture.

A guy walked up, "Why.. Hi, guys!" he put his hands on Luke's shoulders.

He had jet-black hair with blond streaks in it, he had a navy blue scubavest on that had a little sewn on anchor that said 'West Sydney Coast Scuba Pool.'. And he was hot.

"Woah, who are these two beautiful ladies here?" He asked, pointing at me and Kat.

"Oh, that's Dani. And that's Kat" Luke pointed at us.

"Ello." Kat sipped her lemonade and raised it.

"Aye." I winked. 

"Hola." he bowed.

"Aye, let the summer begin.." I raised my eyebrows.

a/n HI/HEY GUYS! Sorry it took so long, but hey I updated. so uh- enjoy and I'll probably have the next chapter up by Friday.. Hopefully. 

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