Speechless Sorrows

Nala and Suzy are best friends and have been for the longest time, but their friendship starts to deteriorate after the life changing event that took place one night while the girls were having a weekend sleepover at Nala's house.

This is all about how the girls coped with what happened, and if everything can be made right again.


7. Ch. 6

Suzy crept back quickly, quietly to Nala and hers room, she sat on her bed and chewed her lip nervously. There were two days before school started back, and the adults were about to start a false lawsuit against Peter. If they were going to take him to court, it should at least be over the truth. She sighed and slipped into her bed, already in her bed clothes, she fell asleep within a few minutes of her head hitting the pillow, her beloved notepad right underneath her head, her only form of communication.


Nala waited until she heard Suzy’s breathe go deep and even, so she knew she was asleep. Then she sat up and turned on the bedside lamp.


Dear Margret,


Mother is staying here at the Golde’s house now. She and Penny talked, confronted me and Suzy and confronted Father, and have come to the conclusion he hit me, and threatened to do the same to Suzy if she ever told anyone. They have decided that’s the reason she won’t speak, and I’m too scared to tell them otherwise. I know Suzy doesn’t approve, she just wants to tell them, wants it to be out in the open so we can move on. She doesn’t understand we can move on without telling anyone the truth. Anyway, I suppose I should sleep, school starts back soon, I need to get my sleeping pattern right again.


~ Nalaboo ~


She carefully placed Margret back into the draw of the bedside table and lay down again, leaning over to switch off the lamp. She looked through the messages on her phone, then her contacts, she had pretty much everyone’s number from anyone she’d ever meet, yet she didn’t feel the inclination to talk to any of them except Royce Doully.


Nala: Hey, Dou, you awake?


It was pretty late, she wouldn’t be surprised if he was asleep. She waited five minutes then was about to put her phone away when it buzzed in her hands.


Dou: Hey, I’m here. What’s up?

Nala: Not much, can’t sleep, worried about school.

Dou: You? Worried about school? Oh come on!

Nala: No, seriously. I live with Suzy now, have all Holidays and probably will for quite awhile yet, and she isn’t talking, at all.

Dou: You mean you still hang out with that geek? Really? You’re so much better then her..

Nala: If all you’re going to do is say bad things about Suzy then you can fuck off now.

Dou: No, okay, I’m sorry. Why won’t she talk?

Nala: I don’t want to talk about it.. But either way, she’s gonna need help at school.

Dou: I can help her…

Nala: Don’t be a smartass Royce.

Dou: First name, wow, you’re really concerned about her..

Nala: No shit, she’s been my best friend since forever.

Dou: Okay, well, seriously, I can help her. For a price..

Nala: What sort of price, Royce? >.>

Dou: Haha, come on Nala, any classes you’re not in with her, I am, I’m the perfect candidate!

Nala: You have a point. So what is your price?

Dou: You have to be my girlfriend.

Nala: Hahahaha! Fuck off. Suzy will be fine on her own.

Dou: Why’s it so funny? What’s so wrong with me?

Nala: You want the full list? :D

Dou: You know what? Forget it. Just fuck off.

Nala: Wait, Dou, I’m sorry.. I’m just not interested in you like that..

Dou: You made that crystal clear, before you even said the words.

Nala: Can’t we just be friends, and you and Suzy be friends?

Dou: I see what you’re trying to do, and it ain’t happening.

Nala: Fuck sake, get over yourself. I can’t believe you’re too up yourself to help someone without expecting anything in return. I’m going to bed.

Dou: Nala, please, don’t go..


Nala read the last text and shook her head. She was not going to be anyone’s girlfriend, ever. Men were disgusting, horny, self centered bastards who only wanted one thing from a girl, no matter how nice you were, or pretty, or smart and beautiful. If you were a girl, and had a good rack, they only wanted sex. Nala put her phone away and lay down, closing her eyes and trying to sleep, but sleep just wasn’t coming to her. She sighed and stared at the ceiling. A few hours later she was finally asleep.




Peter went into work early the next day, he sat at his desk and stared at all the cases he had to deal with, at all the people he should be calling to organise the next week, but all he could think about was Imogene and Nala, how they were staying at the Golde’s house, probably telling all the secrets he had made them keep. They weren’t under his control anymore, and he needed to get them back, needed them living under his room so he could tell them what they could and couldn’t do. First on the list would be Nala no longer allowed to see, speak to, or hear from Suzy, same goes with Imogene and the rest of the family. He checked the time, there was 45 minutes until he was actually required to start. He grabbed his car keys and walked out of his office, telling his PA to have his usual breakfast ready for when he came in later. He hoped in his car and drove to the Golde household which was just around the block.


Hoping out of the car he walked up to the door, and just stood there and stared at it, suddenly unsure of what he was going to say, if this really was the right thing to do, if it was what he wanted to do. Before he had the chance to second guess himself though, the door opened and Penny’s husband was standing there with his suit on, looking very professional, until he realised who Peter was.


“What the hell are you doing here? On my property? At my house?” Tony pretty much spat at Patrick.

“I’m here to take my wife and daughter home.” Peter said, standing his ground. Tony shook his head and put down his bags, stepping up into the doorway, blocking any view inside.

“Not a hope in hell. Nala has lived here for quite a few weeks now, she feels safe and happy here. And Imogene is working on getting her own place, where she doesn’t have to report to you every fucken five minutes, and where Nala might feel comfortable enough to visit her.” Tony said, and raised an eyebrow.

“I am taking my family back, they are my family, my property. You hand them over right now.” Peter said, he was clenching and unclenching his fists with rage now. He was not going to put up with some stupid business man telling him he couldn’t have his family back. Tony just shook his head.

“Leave. Now.” he said, and shut the door, locked it, and walked into the kitchen. In front of his wife, and Imogene, he picked up the phone and dialed his work number.

“Yea hi, Marley? Can you tell the boss I won’t be in today? Not feeling too flash really. Let him know Jasper is prepped and ready to take over any of my work for the day. Thanks.” he hung up and looked at both woman. “We’re all staying home today. Is that understood?” he asked, both woman could hear the front door being pounded on, rattled, someone screaming. They looked at Tony and nodded. “Good, now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to call the cops.” and with that he took the phone and left the room. Both ladies exchanged glances.

“Is he always this.. Dominating?” Imogene asked, with a little glow in her eye. Penny shook her head, the same look mirrored in her eyes.

“No, I’ve never seen him like this before, but I like it..” both woman giggled and continued drinking their coffees and reading their sections of the newspaper.

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