Speechless Sorrows

Nala and Suzy are best friends and have been for the longest time, but their friendship starts to deteriorate after the life changing event that took place one night while the girls were having a weekend sleepover at Nala's house.

This is all about how the girls coped with what happened, and if everything can be made right again.


4. Ch. 3

A few weeks had passed and Suzy still wasn’t speaking, in fact she wouldn’t make any noise at all. Occasionally you could see a faint smile at the edges of her lips when something really amused her, and her eyes seemed to light up briefly, but as quick as it came it was gone. Nala seemed to have moved into the Golde residents, claimed the bed next to Suzy’s’, shifted most of her clothes and belongings into the room, taking up a fair few of the draws and the top half of the cupboard. By this point Suzy’s’ Mum, and entire family, knew that something had happened that night the girls had both arrived very early home, they had all asked about it numerous times, using all sorts of techniques to try get any information from either girl. Nala kept her mouth firmly shut and even if Suzy wanted to say something, she couldn’t. Eventually the Golde family had accepted the fact Nala was staying for a while yet, and Suzy being mute, and had made a few changes to accommodate both. They had bought a new set of draws for Nala’s clothes, sorted through Suzy’s belongings in the cupboard, gotten rid of all she didn’t need or want so the rest of Nala’s stuff could fit, and basically adopted Nala as their second daughter. They tried very hard to include the girls, but they seemed to want their own space, and it was difficult with Suzy being mute and Nala not sure how to act around them all, so in the end they had meals together and sometimes went to the Supermarket with either or both parents, other than that they were left to themselves.


Dear Margret – Nala began,


I know it has been awhile since I wrote, I have been very busy. The first week I was trying to make Suzy talk, it hasn’t worked, after that I moved most of my stuff to the Goldes’ house and moved in, I know it’s a bit rude, but I can’t bare living under the same roof as my ‘Father’ or being away from Suzy. You would think, the way she’s going on, that Daddy Dearest raped her. I suppose everyone reacts differently, I’m coping just fine, really. The Goldes’ seem to have accepted me into their house now, buying me my own draws, making space in the cupboard for me. I really like it here, they are lovely people, and as sad as it is I don’t even miss my family. Except maybe Jax.. But he was never home anyway, always at college. 


~ Nalaboo ~


Satisfied, Nala hid her diary under all the clothes in her bottom draw, making sure nobody would find it if they weren’t absolutely desperate to. She shut the draw and looked over to Suzy’s bed, where he best friend, pretty much sister, was fast asleep, as she should be. It was 4:20am for Pete’s sake, yet Nala just couldn’t sleep, sighing she lay back and pulled out her phone, scrolled through her contacts until her eyes settled upon a name. Royce Doully. She smiled a little and entered messages.

Hey, Dou, you awake?

She put her phone back under her pillow, not expecting to get a reply and closed her eyes to try sleep, though not even five minutes later there was the familiar tune of her message tone. She pulled out her phone and opened the text.

What the hell are you doing up? And what do you want?

She frowned at that, but shrugged it off. She supposed it was deserved, she wasn’t particularly nice to him, and never talked to him unless she wanted something. She pressed reply and typed in:

I was actually just hoping for someone to talk to, and you always brag about staying up late. What are you up to?

As soon as she sent it she went into settings and turn her phone to silent as to not wake anyone up, good thing she did too because just as she’d pressed silent her phone vibrated in her hand, and the conversation began.

Dou: You really don’t want to know the answer to that. I take it you can’t sleep?

Nala: Not a wink. I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t want to know, douche.

Dou: Let me put it like this, I’d rather not tell you.

Nala: Seriously? You don’t trust me?

Dou: Not a wink. ;)

Nala: Don’t turn my words back on me! Just tell me!

Dou: No!

Nala: Tell me, dammit!!

Dou: Fine.. I’m wanking.

Nala: Oh.. Ew!

Dou: See! This is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you! It’s only natural!

Nala: Listen, dick [no pun intended] I wanted nothing to do with male genitals okay?

Dou: Wanted? You mean you already have?

Nala: .. Shut up, I’m going to try sleep. See you back at school.

Dou: Nala.. If something happened, you know you can tell me right?

Nala: Fuck off.

After she sent that last text she turned her phone off and shoved it back under her pillow, harder than she intended to, and accidently punched herself in the nose during the process. ‘Shit!’ she swore under her breath and rushed to the bathroom just as her nose started dripping blood. Mrs. Golde found Nala asleep in the bath covered in blood at 6am that morning. She screamed, waking the sleeping preteen, causing her to bolt upright and hit her head on the sink, causing another nose bleed.

“Mrs. Golde! You scared the crap out of me!” Nala said, grabbing handfuls of toilet paper and holding them against her blood caked nose.

“I scared the crap out of you?! Nala, what happened?!” Mrs. Golde asked, composing herself and kneeling next to the tub, stroking Nala’s back.

“I just had a little nose bleed during the night, came in here to deal with it and must have fallen asleep in the bath.” The child responded, laughing at her own stupidity. Mrs. Golde just shook her head.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” She helped her foster daughter out of the stained night clothes and got her into the shower then went to put the red clothes through the wash while Nala cleaned herself up. She got through quickly and got out, giving the warm shower up to Mrs. Golde to get ready for work. Just as she was drying herself, speaking, thinking, of the woman herself, there was a knock on the door and Mrs. Golde peeked in.

“Shower free?” Nala just nodded and smiled, wrapping the towel around herself and tying it. Mrs. Golde smiled and walked in with her own clean towel. “Nala, before you leave.. Are you sure you don’t want to talk about what happened that night..?” she asked. Nala stared at her wide eyed and shook her head frantically. Mrs. Golde sighed and nodded defeated. “It’s okay, I just thought I’d try, go back to sleep Nala, I’ll see you tonight, have a good day.” And with that, she hopped into the shower and Nala walked back to the room where Suzy was sitting up waiting for her. She instantly held up the note pad, right in Nala’s face.

Where have you been?!

Nala frowned and pushed it away, walking to her draws and pulling out some new night clothes, then put them back realising the time and instead pulled out some skinny jeans and tank top.

“I had a blood nose during the night, went to the bathroom to deal with it and fell asleep in the tub, when did you wake up??” She turned to look at Suzy while she got dressed, Suzy scribbled in her notepad again.

When I heard Mum scream..

Nala laughed and nodded. “Yeah, it woke me up to.”

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