Dreams Coming True

After the concert 9-28-14 in Charlotte, NC on the WWAT, my life has changed forever. Now I am so inspired, I am letting you join my adventure on dreams coming true. So, are you in?


3. Send Me Your Stories!

So I get all these ideas for my book and I came up with another one: You guys send me your stories to my email and (if you want me to) I will post it in my book.


1) What is some background of your life?

2) What inspires you everyday to keep going?

3) What do dream of doing someday? And why?

4) Is there a quote that inspires/motivates you?


Here is how you can answer these questions:

1) Comment below or send answers to my movellas email: Dreamergirl8101

2) If you do/dont want me to post in my book, please let me know.

3) If you need to ask for advice or questions from me, feel free to when you email me.


*If I get 10 favorites & Likes on this book,I will answer the questions above. They will be a little bit different than from what I have already talked about. :) I promise. At least give me 2 or 3 stories to send to me. All you have to do is type and I am right here for you.

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