Dreams Coming True

After the concert 9-28-14 in Charlotte, NC on the WWAT, my life has changed forever. Now I am so inspired, I am letting you join my adventure on dreams coming true. So, are you in?


1. My Life Has Been Changed

My name is Summer Shipman, and I am letting you join my world. This book will talk about dreams coming true and I want you to be apart of them. Before I go through the book, I just want to say you all mean the world to me and I love you so much.


It was 9-28-14 in Charlotte, North Carolina on the WWAT (Where We Are Tour). One Direction came on stage and everyone was screaming, including me. Then I saw Niall Horan (my superhero). I left the concert 2 songs before it ended so we wouldnt be stuck in traffic because I had to go to school the next morning and I lived 2 hours away from Charlotte.


My mom walked down the stairs but I stopped and turned around. All 5 boys were singing, having the best time of their lives. I smiled and said something aloud to myself. "My dream is to inspire the world in every little thing. If theres one way, it would be that. I would want to do that for the rest of my life." I said while looking at the stage.


It was March of 2014 when I became a Directioner. Do I regret not becoming a Directioner sooner? Absolutely and every moment. Niall is the whole reason why I want to learn to play acoustic guitar (i might do some electric guitar if i got time). My school friends/twins, Alex and Rachel, wanted to come up with a band. Their friend in Tennesee, Grace, might be in it.


I may be in the band for a little while until I turn 16, then I might audition for the X-Factor (like 1D). I will reconize all of you from Movellas who have been with me since the beginning of my journey. But I have a private account on Instagram and a Fan Official on there too. Fan Official's username is: summerxofficial. But my life has honestly changed since that night and thats something I will never forget. :)

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