My Theory On Life

This is what I think life really is


1. Theory On life

Aright so I was just thinking that maybe our lives aren't really our lives. like this whole entire time we are all just dreaming and in a deep sleep. What has happened the other day, or last week or a month ago, or whats going to happen tomorrow isn't really happening. It's all just a big figment of our imagination, but the friends we have are our actual and real friends outside the dream. what we did or are doing or are going to do is fake, something our minds are creating for us to enjoy or for us to hate. we sit here and live through drama or deal with shitty people, and we think its real. And as the days go by we think we are getting older but we are not, we think we are dying or sick and we are not. I think that the day we all die is the day we either wake up from the dream, or just start a new one all over again, and change the fait you made in the other one.

note that this is just a theory, a thought, I cant prove this as fact and it is my opinion, but I ask anyone who reads this, one thing. that one thing is that you just think about it, and tell yourself if you think this is true or if you don't. it's ok if you don't believe it or I you do believe it. it's your choice it's your "life".

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