English Love Affair

How would you feel being torn away from everything and pulled to the other side of the World so your mum can have her happy ever after?

When you know it won't be yours?

Molly's mum is moving in with her partner John and his son Luke, with his lip ring, quiffed hair and black skinny jeans, theres something immensely intriguing about him...


2. First Night

Molly's p.o.v

"Hey you guys!" I waved as Amber and Jay appeared on my phone screen.

"Hey!" They called in unison excitedly.

"How are you?" I asked.

"I'm good!" Amber smiled.

"Me too!" Jay smiled.

"Cool! How come you guys are together?" I asked frowning, realising they were both sat on Jays bed.

"Ah, I asked Amber round so we could FaceTime you together! That okay?" Jay smiled and Amber looked back expectantly. To be honest, I would have quite liked some time alone to speak to Jay, but Ambers my best friend.

"Yeah course, oh and guys guess what?" I grimaced.

"What?" They chirped in unison.

"John has a son my age, called Luke!" I sighed.

"Oh my god really? Did you not know?" Amber asked.

"Nope, no clue!" I chuckled.

"What's he like?" Jay asked.

"I dunno, don't know him properly yet!" I shrugged.

"Well that's good I guess, is he hot?" Amber whispered, winking.

"Shhh, anyways, any news with you guys?" I asked, holding my phone, settling and lying on my front.

"Yeah, you know Nathan?" Jay smiled.

"I do, yes!" Nathan was another guy from our friendship group.

"He broke up with his girlfriend today!" Amber finished.

"Really? Oh god, that's not good?" I sighed, poor guy.

"Yeah, maybe he's finally going to admit he likes you and come after you now Mol!" Amber teased.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure Jay would love that?" I laughed, rolling my eyes.

"It doesn't bother me, I find it quite funny!" Jay smiled and Amber laughed. Somehow I didn't like that, if there was another girl after Jay, I'd be so protective.

"Can I come in?" Mum called from outside of my room, knocking on the door.

"Yeah, give me a minute!" I called, before running back to my phone.

"You gotta go?" Jay asked.

"Yeah, see you soon guys, miss you!" I smiled, waving at the screen.

"Bye!" They called, also waving at the screen.

"Love you Jay!" I smiled, but the call ended before he replied. I tossed my phone across the bed as mum walked in.

"Who were you talking to?" Mum asked, stepping inside the door.

"Jay and Amber" I smiled, rolling over to face mum.

"Oh, are they both okay?" Mum smiled, closing the door behind her.

"Yeah, I guess so?" I shrugged.

"Well, I was coming in to tell you to find some nice clothes, John is taking the four of us out for tea" mum chirped.

"The four of us?" I asked.

"Yes Molly, the four of us, you, me, John and Luke!" Mum laughed.

"Eugh, where are we going?" I groaned.

"I don't know, just put something nice on. Sometimes Molly, you need to be a bit more grateful. You need to be quick because Luke's going out with his friends later on". Mum sighed, shaking her head and walking out, closing the door behind her.

I flung open my wardrobe in a strop and pulled out my white flowery shorts and blue crop top with "summer love" printed on in swirled handwriting. I sat cross legged only bed, unwound my GHDs and pulled them through my hair before applying my standard arrangement of casual make up. I kicked on my white floral flip flops and walked down the stairs, they were all sat on the couches waiting.

"Come on love" mum smiled as John and Luke headed towards the front door. Mum and John climbed into the front and myself and Luke got in the back. I sat staring out of the window. Mum and John sat chatting away in the front and me and Luke sat in silence.

"Soooo..." Luke began awkwardly. I turned to him and gave him a glare.

"Whoa, what was that look for?" Luke smirked.

"You know what it was for, you knew it was me in the shop didn't you?" I grimaced.

"Yeah, so what if I did?" Luke asked, shuffling in his seat now and turning his body to face me.

"Because you should have said, I didn't even know you existed until you walked into the house" I sighed.

"I know, pretty funny that. But anyway, I didn't want to be the one to tell you because I didn't know how you'd react. Plus, I got to see what you were like as a person!" Luke smirked triumphantly.

"Well, it pissed me off" I stated, turning my back on him and looking back out the window. After a few moments, I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned round and Luke was sat twiddling his thumbs and staring around the car. I shook my head and heard Luke chuckle to himself as I turned back round. Again, he tapped me, I turned round and this time, he wore a big patronising grin plastered across his face. I couldn't stop the smile that crept onto my lips and turned away pretty quickly.

"Oh my goodness!" He gasped.

"What?" I shrugged.

"You... You can smile?" He asked in a shock patronised tone, a smile dancing at the cornesr of his mouth.

"Piss off" I hissed and went back to looking out of the window as we pulled into the car park of a large restaurant on the front of a marina. Wow...

"What do you think Molly?" Mum smiled, turning round to me.

"It's beautiful!" I smiled, genuinely.

"Luke picked it out" John smiled, turning in his seat. Luke flashed a smiled at me, I'd suddenly gone off the place...


The meal went pretty quick actually.

"Molly, try this?" John smiled, placing a pile of white meat onto my plate.

"What is it?" I sighed, stabbing my fork with it.

"Chicken" he smiled. I took a few mouthfuls and them carried on with my own food.

"Nice?" He smirked.

" yeah, tasted a bit different to chicken back home, but it's nice" I smiled.

"That's because it's kangaroo!" John laughed, so did mum and Luke.

"Why did you lie?" I gasped, glaring at him across the table.

"Because it's always good to try new things and I knew that you wouldn't try it if you knew what it was!" John smirked. Who does he think he is?

"You're not my dad..." I snapped, tossing my napkin onto the table and running out of the restaurant.

"Molly!" Mum called after me, but I didn't stop. I ran out of the doors and slid down the wall at the front of the building. I think about five minutes had passed before a pair of black vans and black ripped skinny jeans appeared in front of me.

"Hey" Luke spoke quietly.

"Hey" I replied sniffling. Luke bent down right in front of me so we were on eye level. I tore my eyes away and stared at the ground.

"Why are you crying?" He asked, sitting cross legged on the concrete.

"I'm not?" I lied.

"Pretty sure you are, but okay!" He chuckled.

"Is this some kind of joke to you?" I snapped, turning my head to face him and meeting his beautiful eyes.

"Not at all?" He said sternly, chewing his lip ring in obvious apprehension.

"He's not my dad?" I sighed, playing with my fingers.

"Well done Sherlock, he's not trying to be either, he just wants to be there for you!" Luke sighed.

"Hmmm" I grimaced, Luke placed his hand on top of mine and I pulled them away quickly, he glanced up at me and retrieved his own.

"And he makes your mum happy, just something to think about" he said standing up and walking back into the restaurant. He's right, as much as I hate him, there's no denying that he makes mum happy. I gave it another five minutes, wiped my eyes and got up to walk back to our table. I took my seat opposite mum and John and next to Luke.

"Molly, Luke's offered to take you out with him and his friends tonight, give you a chance to meet some people you're going to college with and that! There's a big group going for a campfire on the beach, you'll love it!" John smiled.

"Thanks, but no thanks" I said, picking up my knife and fork.

"Well tough luck, you're going!" Mum snapped.

"Bu-" I began to protest until I looked up and saw her glare. There was no getting out of this one.

We drove back to the house in silence. I went into my room, for my brush and make up bag and walked towards the bathroom. I passed Luke on the landing, he smiled at me but I just brushed passed him and carried on, I heard him sigh as I closed the bathroom door.

I was ready to go, I went downstairs. Luke was sat on the couch having repositioned his quiff.

"Do you two need a lift or..?" John asked.

"Nah, thanks Dad, we'll walk, it's only down the road" Luke smiled.

"Okay, well don't be too late back and behave won't you?" John smirked.

"We will, bye!" Luke smiled, he opened the door and held it open for me. I turned to look at mum but she wouldn't look at me, I sighed and stepped out.

I watched as John whispered something to Luke before closing the door. And that was it, we were left alone. I looked up at him and he was grinning a perfect smile.


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