English Love Affair

How would you feel being torn away from everything and pulled to the other side of the World so your mum can have her happy ever after?

When you know it won't be yours?

Molly's mum is moving in with her partner John and his son Luke, with his lip ring, quiffed hair and black skinny jeans, theres something immensely intriguing about him...


1. First Meeting

First Meeting.

"Smile Molly", Mum sighed as we drove down the streets of Sydney, Australia. I ignored her and continued to stare out of the window with a miserable look painted on my face.

"What's up?" Mum asked, I rolled my eyes, hasn't she got the picture that I don't want to talk?

"Do you really have to ask that? Seriously Mum?" I sulked, watching the trees fly by.

"Look Molly, if you and Jay are meant to be, like you claim to be, then you'll stay together and all will be fine. And you're hardly going to lose contact with Amber, you've been best friends for years. I'm sure they can fly out to see you. We can get you a laptop and you can skype them both. Plus, you'll meet new friends and who knows, maybe a new boy might catch your eye..." Mum trailed off.

"Are you kidding me? I don't want a new boy, I want Jay. And I want to be with Amber, I like seeing her all the time. I don't want to drift from either of them" I sighed.

"Come on Molly, aren't you a little bit excited?" Mum asked, turning to face me in anticipation.

"No" I huffed bluntly and turned by back on her to the window to watch the sun dancing on the sea. I heard her mutter something about me being ungrateful but I couldn't even be bothered having that argument with her.

To explain my situation, mum has made me move to Australia so she can move in with her new partner John. And if you can't already get the gist, I don't want to be here. 'A new start' is what Mum calls it. But I don't want a new start, I just want an old start and my old life. With my old best friend and my old boyfriend and my old house and my old college and...

"We're here!" Mum chirped excitedly and stopped the engine. I looked out of the window, right on the sea front with a balcony, it looked kinda like a holiday villa. It's quite cool to be fair.

And here he is, man of the hour, John. He came walking out of the house with his shades on thinking he was the bees knees...twat!

"Hey babe" he smiled, kissing my mum. Now number one, nobody over the age of 20 should use the pet name 'babe' and two, don't kiss my Mum in front of me.

"Bleurgh" I said a little too loud.

"Be nice" Mum mouthed to me as John came closer, her brow furrowed and eyes menacing as a warning.

"Hey Molly" he smiled, pulling me into an awkward hug. I pushed my hands against his chest so he couldn't pull me close enough for a hug.

"Hi John, so good to see you" I smirked, a grin plastered on my face and a patronising and sarcastic tone in my voice.

"Should we go inside, I can show you round Mol?" John smiled and mum shook her head in my direction before taking Johns hand and walking indoors. I reluctantly followed. Why is he calling me Mol? Only people I like can call me that, and I do not like John. To be fair to him, the house was pretty modern and stylish, about the only thing I like about John to date.

We brought our suitcases into the house and John showed me to my room. As I walked across the landing, I noticed a room with the door slightly ajar with an electric and acoustic guitar propped in the corner. I didn't know John played guitar.

"Why don't you go for a walk Mol, get your bearings?" Mum asked. That's mums way of saying she wanted to have sex with John, I mean she couldn't make it much more obvious if she tried. But it was a good call, because right now, I wanted to spend the least amount of time with this pair as humanly possible.

"Okay!" I smiled sweetly, digging my phone and purse out of my travel bag and rushing out of the door. I took one last look at the house before walking down the driveway and onto the street, closing the electric gates behind me.

I found a cute little village and decided to treat myself to an ice cream. I walked in and up to the counter. I was second in line and my eyes fell upon the blonde boy behind the counter. He had his hair in a big quiff, had bright blue eyes and a lip piercing. My heart began to beat a little faster as the person in front moved and I was face to face with Mr. Fitty himself.

"Hi! What can I get you?" He smiled.

"Hey, erm, I'll have a.. Vanilla Ice cream please?" I smiled.

"Boring, but coming right up, where you from?" He asked, stepping further down the counter, I followed.

"England!" I smiled, resting my arms on the cool marks counter and dreamily watched him.

"Cool, how long are you here for?" He asked, scooping the ice cream into the cone.

"Ooh can I get that in a cup? Sorry..." I sighed.

"No, it's my fault, I should have asked, I.." He began.

"No, no, don't be sorry, it's honestly fine and to answer your question, I'm here forever" I smiled, then my eyes dropped to the floor.

"You are, when did you get here?" He asked, stopping and meeting my eyes, I tore my eyes away and blushed, I heard him chuckle, making me blush more.

"Erm, about an hour ago!" I sniggered, shuffling awkwardly on my feet.

"Wow really, well I'm flattered that you came in here to see me" he smirked.

"Actually... I came for an ice cream!" I giggled, taking the ice cream off the counter.

"Wow, just break my heart right here then!" He winked, my heart fluttered.

"Thanks, how much is it?" I asked, fanning my money out in my hand.

"On the house!" He smiled.

"No, seriously, how much?" I laughed.

"No, seriously, free!" He smirked.

"Are you sure? Well thank you!" I took my first mouth full. "Mmmmm" I smiled.

"Is that good?" He asked, raising his eye brows.

"No, it's awful!" I sighed, stuffing another spoonful into my mouth, he laughed. His smile and laugh are, well, amazing.

"Anyway, erm, if you need a tour guide or someone to help you round the place, then I'll be in here" he smiled, gesturing around the shop.

"Thanks. I'll remember that.." I smiled.

"Luke" he grinned, stretching his arm out over the counter for me to shake.

"Molly" I smiled, taking his hand and shaking it.

"Good to meet you Molly, I'll see you round" he winked and moved onto the next customer. I walked towards the door to see a group of girls staring at me from a booth. I smiled at them, but the smile was not returned, not in the slightest. I turned round and took one last look, Luke was waving at me and grinning. I smiled and waved back shyly before awkwardly shuffling out of the shop.

I strolled back up to the shop with a smile on my face in my own little dazed world. I keyed in the code to the gates, waited for them to open and bounced up the drive. I walked inside the house.

"Hey love, where did you get to?" Mum smiled, walking down the stairs, her hair tousled, I wanted to vomit.

"Oh, just for a walk along the front" I smiled.

"You seem slightly more upbeat than you did before" mum smiled, raising her eyebrows.

"Yeah, it's not a bad place I guess" I shrugged, Mums eyes lit up and I smiled back, a genuine smile.

"Hello pumpkin" John called, appearing at the top of the stairs and sucking my happiness away. That's another thing I dislike about him, the patronising names he gives me, I'm not 10. He's the only thing that's actually stopping me from enjoying myself.

"I'm gonna get my book" I smiled, walking up the stairs and passed John.

"Molly, John said hello, are you not going to reply?" Mum asked, nicely with a hidden harshness in her voice.

"Hello John!" I beamed, patronisingly and over jolly.

I heard Mum sigh as I walked up the stairs.

"She'll come round" I heard John say as I vanished into my new room. 'Will I?' I thought, disappearing into my room.

I stayed in my room for a bit, putting some clothes into my wardrobe, filling my drawers and arranging pictures of me, Jay and Amber on my dressing table. This room needed a serious woman's touch if I'm going to be staying here. I need to get some paint in the next few weeks. I got my book and walked downstairs onto the back patio and saw the pool with a slide and water volleyball net. Hmmm, Johns gone up a little in my estimation. I flicked to my bookmark and began to read my book.

After a while, I heard the front door go. My head darted up from my book, frowning. Mums eyes were sparkling and John got up.

"Who's that?" I mouthed at Mum, as John got up and walked into the house.

"Erm, there's something you need to know, I thought it would be a cool surprise for you" mum began, I didn't like where this was going.

"Go on..?" I asked, raising my eyebrows at Mum.

"John has a son, he's 17 and your age! He goes to the school that you'll be going to, so he can look after you and introduce you to some people. He normally lives with his mum, but he's come down for the summer, he's very excited to meet you actually! Isn't that cool?" Mum grinned.

"You could have told me? Tiny and important detail that you missed out there Mum?" I snapped.

"I thought you'd be happy?" Mum whispered as the sound of voices got louder. She sighed impatiently, getting up from her seat and walking to meet them.

"Hi! Good to meet you!" Mum squealed, the muffled voices continued, I tried to listen but couldn't make out what they were saying. The were taking ages, I groaned to myself and opened my book.

"Molly?" Mum called excitedly. I didn't even bother to look up.

"Molly, meet Luke!" Mum smiled, my head shot up.


I turned round in my chair and there he was. The hot blonde boy from the ice cream shop. Shit.

"Hi! I'm Luke!" He smiled, extended his arm out for me to shake.

"Molly" I smiled, my voice rising in pitch.

"Good to meet you Molly" he smiled brightly at me.

"You too" I gulped, my voice shaking. Mum looked at me excitedly, as did John. I couldn't believe this.

"Excuse me" I said, picking up my book and awkwardly rushing passed them and towards the stairs.

"I'm sorry Luke, she's so rude" I heard mum sigh angrily as I reached the top of the stairs.

"Not at all, it's all new for her isn't it? She's probably just a bit taken back by it all" I heard Luke say.

"That's nice of you to understand" mum said.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go and take a shower, should I go and check to see if she's okay?" I heard his voice growing louder.

"No, leave her to cool off love, but thank you" I heard Mum say, a smile in her voice.

"No problem, see you guys later" he called, I heard footsteps on the stairs. I raced across the landing.

"Molly?" I heard Luke call. I didn't reply, just ran and shut my door behind me. I rested against the door, holding it shut and panting.

I heard Luke hesitate outside of my door, then the door shut to the room opposite. Of course, the guitars belong to him. That makes more sense. So great, he's blonde, he has a lip piercing, he's Australian and generally attractive and he plays guitar. Wow. But Jay, I've been here a day and I'm already looking at other boys? I love Jay. Slowly, I felt my eyes well up, I heard Luke start the shower in the room opposite as I slowly slid down the door and began to cry...

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