English Love Affair

How would you feel being torn away from everything and pulled to the other side of the World so your mum can have her happy ever after?

When you know it won't be yours?

Molly's mum is moving in with her partner John and his son Luke, with his lip ring, quiffed hair and black skinny jeans, theres something immensely intriguing about him...


7. First Kiss

Luke's p.o.v

I heard a scream come from Molly's room, it was her...

I just sat in the hospital corridor with my head on Ambers shoulder. I didn't feel like I could move, the second I leave her, this happens. Several doctors and nurses walked in and out of the room and all I could do was watch. Jay walked off and came back minutes later with a blanket and a three cups of tea.

"Thanks" I whispered reluctantly, accepting the tea and taking a sip of the hot liquid. we sat in silence for some time, I was shaking, I don't know whether it's because I'm cold, or tired, or generally scared. After quite some time, a doctor appeared round the door and stopped in front of us.

"You can go back in now..." The doctor smiled sympathetically.

"Is... Is everything okay?" I asked nervously.

"We'll speak to you when we've updated her files Mr. Hemmings..." The doctor said, I nodded and he walked off down the corridor.

"We... We best go Amber..." Jay sighed.

"No... Please stay? I don't think I can do this on my own..." I sighed, my voice trembling.

"I can't Luke, it's my fault that this happened, I can't sit in there and look at her knowing I caused it.." Jay mumbled sadly.

"Well, will you at least wait with me until Cal, Ash or Mikey can get here? Please?" I asked, hand on the door.

"Come on Jay, we can't leave him..." Amber whispered, Jay nodded reluctantly and I held the door open for them. I turned round and a sight met my eyes that was far worse than before. Molly's bandages had been removed from her head, a large bloody scar zigzagged across the side of her head, her perfect blonde hair had been shaved off in a messy fashion, her eyes were closed, puffy and blue, but at least the breathing tube had been removed and she lay peacefully with them slightly parted. The drip was in her hand now too, probably as a feeding mechanism, and she was pale, very pale.

"Oh my God..." Jay whispered, clutching Amber, I turned to them, they did this, but I don't think I could sit here on my own.

"Jay, will you call Ash for me?" I asked, handing him my phone.

"Yeah... I'll head outside to the front?" He said, standing up, taking the phone and not taking his eyes off Molly as he went.

"I'm so sorry Luke, I'm never going to be able to forgive myself..." Amber began. Id taken up the seat next to Molly, her hand was now delicately held in my own.

"Amber, I appreciate that you've said that, but it's not me that you should be apologising to. It's Molly. But unfortunately right now, you won't be able to do that. More than anything, I'd love to be able to forgive you, but I can't. I care a hell of a lot about this girl and what you and your little love interest have done has broken more than just her heart..." I said, looking at Amber, her eyes just shimmered with tears. I wish it was going to be okay, but it's not. Shes partially responsible for this. Jay walked back into the room and interrupted the awkward tension in the air.

"Him and Nathan are on their way, he left his phone on incase you called..." Jay sighed, handing me my phone back.

"Alright, thanks..." I said, accepting the phone. Again, we sat in silence, I didn't know what to say to either of them. We all just stared at Molly, although she's unrecognisable.

There was a knock on the door, I could see Ashton and Nathan stood outside with a doctor. I beckoned them in, Ashton walked straight past Jay and Amber, not even acknowledging them and came straight to me. Nathan stepped in next, he gave an awkward smile to Amber and Jay and stepped into the corner. The doctor also came in, he had a clipboard in his hands.

"Wow, everyone's here..." He gave a little chuckle to himself but no one even cracked a smile. He cleared a throat and began to flick through the papers on his clipboard. "Basically, the pins had burst around the wound and so we had to stitch them back up, hence their being no bandages on her at the moment. She's currently unconscious on a very high dose or morphine but it's likely that she'll come round in the next 8-12 hours after she woke up before and asked for gentleman called "Luke..." The doctor explained.

"She woke up? And she asked for me?!" I asked excitedly and nervously.

"She did, but she was in a great deal of pain and so we've given her a high dose to eliminate this. We wouldn't let you in before as she was in a real panic. She'll be a little out of the ordinary when she wakes but she'll soon be back to normal. As an estimation, we think she'll be in for the next week, maybe a week and a half..." The doctor said, we all took in the information, I still had hold of her hand.

"I take it you're her boyfriend then Luke?" The doctor asked, turning to look at me. I looked from Molly, to Jay, to the doctor.

"No, just a friend, a good friend, she's very much single!" I gave a little smile and looked back to Molly.

"Ah, well I'm sure you'll all look after her. She's going to have a permanent scar on her hair line, meaning hair will not grow back on or around the area and it'll be quite some time before her curls return. I feel that she's going to be incredibly conscious about this and so you'll all have to be incredibly supportive of her and help her through.. Any questions?" The doctor asked, looking around the room. No one spoke up.

"Okay, no problem, if you have any other questions, my office is just down the corridor to the left" he smiled and left the room.

"Let's go?" Jay asked, standing up and placing his hand on Ambers back.

"Okay.." Amber nodded sadly, they didn't even say goodbye, they just turned out of the door and went.

"Well I hate them..." Ashton sighed as the door closed.

"Hmmmm..." I nodded.

"I'm sorry Nathan, I know they're your friends, but what they've done and caused is unforgivable" Ashton rambled.

"No mate, I know, I'll be finding some new friends when I'm back home, no question about it..." Nathan huffed sadly.

"I'm glad you guys are here..." I said, smiling up at them both glumly.

"Sit down Nathan?" Ashton asked, patting the plastic chair next to him. "No mate, honestly, I'm glad you called, and we'll look after her in school and that won't we? And I know Calum and Mikey will make sure she's okay, its going to be tough for her..." Ashton explained, looking over at her.

"I think she'll refuse to go! She's a stubborn little thing!" I chuckled, thinking of how Molly can be sometimes.

"No, she will, she's a tough one!" Nathan smiled, looking at her with a fondness in his eyes. I stood up from my chair and looked over at the scar in the side of her head.

"Bloody hell..." I sighed sadly, taking it in and sitting down again, not letting go of her hand the entire time. We sat making small talk for a while, comparing life in England for Nathan with life over here. He also told us a few funny stories about Molly from their years of knowing each other and it became pretty clear that he had feelings for her, bless him, no wonder he's so angry with Jay and Amber. I text Dad while I sat in the chair.

To Dad: Hi, I'm staying at the hospital tonight, I can't bring myself to leave her, she'll be terrified if she woke up on her own. She's on strong morphine but should be waking up in the morning. Will keep you updated, hope Louise is okay?


Moments later, a reply came through.

From Dad: Luke, thank you for staying, Louis is very grateful, as am I. Keep us both updated? Love you son.

I smiled to myself a little.

"Should we go and get a drink or something?" Nathan asked.

"That's not a bad shout" Ashton said.

"I'll see you guys in a bit" I sighed.

"No Luke, you should come, the doctor has said that nothing will happen and you'll send yourself crazy sat here all night, come for a drink?" Ashton asked.

"Alright, I guess you're right..." I said, knowing that it would do me good to get out of here for a short while.

Ashton and Nathan stood up and headed to the door. I turned to Molly and stood over her, I don't know why or what led me to do it, but I bent down and planted a kiss on her lips in the most delicate manor.

"Luke.. What are you doing? You can't do tha-" Ashton began.

"I just did!" I interrupted him, starting off down the corridor with a smile on my face for the first time that night...

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