English Love Affair

How would you feel being torn away from everything and pulled to the other side of the World so your mum can have her happy ever after?

When you know it won't be yours?

Molly's mum is moving in with her partner John and his son Luke, with his lip ring, quiffed hair and black skinny jeans, theres something immensely intriguing about him...


3. First Friends

Part 3- Friends

Molly's p.o.v

"Sooo..." Luke began awkwardly as we started down the drive.

"What?" I sighed.

"I didn't want to ask for a lift because I thought this would be a great chance to get to know each other" Luke smiled.

"Great, whoop-de-doo, what do you wanna know?" I groaned.

"Wow, don't sound too unenthusiastic, let's just walk in silence then..." Luke chuckled.

"Suits me fine!" I huffed, rolling my eyes and making him laugh louder.

"You're a funny one..." He sniggered.

"What happened to silence?" I laughed.

"Well y'know me, well you don't, but you have a chance and you don't want it sooo..." Luke mumbled.

"Shut up!" I giggled and he flashed yet another dazzling grin my way.

"At least I get to see that pretty smile!" Luke grinned.

"What?" I gasped, shocked by his words but he didn't reply, he just smirked to himself as we continued to walk.

We walked in silence for the rest of the way. The sun was still peeping over the distant mountains and it wasn't long before I could hear the crashing of waves and the hot sand filtered between my toes as I kicked off my flip flops.

"Is that a girl thing?" Luke asked, gesturing to the flip flops hooked around my fingers.

"What, this? No loads of people do it!" I smiled, swinging my flip flops and following Luke up the sand dunes.

"Must be a British thing..." Luke mumbled.

"Must be a normal people thing" I smirked.

"Ooh harsh!" Luke smirked and gasped, pretending to be hurt.

"But true!" I added, grinning in a teasing way.

We reached the top of the dunes and walked quickly down onto the beach. Luke scanned the area, left and right, before his eyes settled on three distant figures to the right.

"Is that them?" I asked.

"Yep!" Luke grinned, extending his arm out and waving. I looked over and the three figures returned this.

"When are the others getting here?" I asked, follow Luke along the sand.

"What others?" Luke frowned.

"You said there was a big group?" I questioned.

"Oh, so I did, yeah I lied..." He smirked.

"What? Why?" I said, anger building in my voice.

"If I told you I was meeting three of my mates for a piss up on the beach, would you have come?" Luke asked, raising his eyebrows at me.

"Course not!" I snorted.

"Exactly!" Luke smirked triumphantly.

"It's amazing how quickly you can grow to hate someone!" I mumbled as we reached Luke's friends.

"Luuuuuke!" A voice called.

"Hey guys!" Luke grinned.

"Is this Molly?" A dark haired guy asked.

"Yup... Molly, this is Calum, Ashton and Mikey!" Luke smiled, pointing to each of the boys.

"Hi!" I waved awkwardly, shuffling on my feet.

"Hey Molly, sit down!" Ashton smiled, patting the sand next to him.

"Sure!" I smiled awkwardly, kneeling where he had patted.

"Awh I love your accent!" Mikey grinned.

"Oh Luke, here you go buddy!" Ashton smiled, pulling a large bottle of vodka out of his bag.

"Sweet, cheers man!" Luke grinned, accepting the bottle off his friend.

"Are you drinking Molly?" Calum asked.

"I dunno! I er, I've never drank before!" I shrugged.

"You haven't?" Mikey gasped, shuffling in his space to look at me as though I was a child in the playground who'd said a bad word.

"Nope!" I shrugged again.

"Well there's no time like the present!" Luke sniggered, unscrewing the top on the vodka bottle and handing it down to me.

"Luke, I dunno..." I hesitated, taking a sniff of the liquid in the bottle and screwing up my face.

"Go on, just a little sip?" Luke teased, twirling the lid around his fingers.

I cupped my mouth around the bottle and took a big swig. My throat was on fire and my eyes burnt as I coughed and spluttered, my face contorted.

"Hahahah, d'ya like that?" Calum laughed.

"No I bloody don't!" I cringed, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand and quickly handing the bottle back to Luke who was in fits of giggles.

"Well I'm glad you find it so funny..." I glared at him.

"Take no notice of him, try this!" Calum smiled, handing me a red bottle.

"It's nice and fruity this one!" Ashton added as I tipped my head back.

"Mmmmm" I smiled, licking my lips and having another swig.

"You're not getting that back now mate!" Mikey laughed as I had more...

Lukes p.o.v

"Never have I ever.... Had sex!" Calum smirked. We all took a shot, Molly's had sex?! But she seems like some godly saint type person!

"Never have I ever.... Kissed someone of the opposite sex!" Molly had a drink, my eyes wanted to pop out of their sockets as she giggled and hiccuped nervously.

"Can we stop this now!" Molly slurred.

"Why, are you fed up of appearing like the devil in human form?" Mikey teased.

"Hey, *hiccup* it's all just a *hiccup* bit of fun!" Molly squealed. Ashton raised his eyebrows at me from across the circle, I shook my head smirking.

"Let's all lie down together!" Calum smiled, shuffling closer to Molly and looping his fingers in hers, she gladly linked his back. I didn't like that... I quickly shuffled over and rested my head on Molly's knee and closed my eyes. To my surprise, I felt her fingers linked through my quiff and slowly raking through my hair. I opened my eyes again shocked before closing them and relaxing...


"Molly...Molly!" I whispered as her eyes fluttered open.

"Huh?" She gasped, sitting up.

"We need to go, it's 2.30am, d'ya have your phone?" I asked her.

"Luke, mum will kill me" she slurred, holding her phone out.

"No, she wont, it's fine!" I reassured her. Shit, 17 missed calls from Dad. We're in trouble.

"What about the others?" Molly frowned, looking at my sleeping friends around her.

"Shhh, it's fine, are you ready?" I whispered, standing up and extending my hand out for her to take.

"Shhhhh" she repeated, grabbing my hand and dramatically tip-toeing forward. I couldn't help but laugh, she's an absolute state.

"Do you think you can walk Molly?" I asked, noticing she still had hold of my hand, I didn't argue.

"Pshhhh...yes!" She laughed, stumbling as she said it. My arms went to her waist and held her up.

"Guess again!" I laughed. I snaked one arm around her waist and used my free hand to hold her arm around me.

"Luke?" She whispered.

"Yeah?" I whispered back jokily.

"Calum kissed me tonight and I asked him not to. But he did" Molly groaned.

"He what?" I gasped.

"And Luke, I have a boyfriend back home, I feel awful, what would he say if he knew?" Molly slurred sadly, collapsing into a heap on the sand, her head in her hands.

"Hey..." I started, bending down in front of her and taking her face in my hands.

"Huh?" She sighed glumly.

"I'll have a word with Calum okay? He shouldn't have done that..." I replied angrily.

"No, please don't, he asked me not to tell you..." Molly fumbled her words.

"Did he now?" I asked, anger building up inside of me.

"I'm sorry Luke, I'm so sorry..." She slurred and began to cry.

"Oi, Oi, Oi! No tears allowed okay? Listen, it's not your fault at all. Your boyfriend doesn't need to know, and beside, it's not even your fault.." I soothed her.

"Thank you Luke..." She whispered and attempted to pull me into a hug but her body just flopped limply in my arms. I half laughed as I hugged her.

"Luke... I'm gonna be sick..." She gasped. She shuffled onto her knees and I pulled her hair from her face as the left the contents of her stomach on the beach.

"You're alright... I'm so sorry, this is all my fault..." I sighed.

"It's fine..." Molly sniffled, her voice shaking. She attempted to stand up but she was so wobbly that her legs gave way and she fell to the floor.

"That's it, I'm carrying you home...." I sighed, scooping her up. I thought she'd protest but her head was lolled against my chest and her eyes were closed. She looked so peaceful. I smiled down at her and started off slowly against the sand, careful not to wobble her too much as I went...

We're gonna be in so much trouble...

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