English Love Affair

How would you feel being torn away from everything and pulled to the other side of the World so your mum can have her happy ever after?

When you know it won't be yours?

Molly's mum is moving in with her partner John and his son Luke, with his lip ring, quiffed hair and black skinny jeans, theres something immensely intriguing about him...


8. First Day of School

First Day of School

Lukes p.o.v

Summer was over. Molly had spent another two weeks in hospital after the accident before she was finally allowed to come home. Amber, Jay and Nathan have gone home and we've arranged for another visit from Nathan soon. Molly's hair is very short, kinda like a boy hair cut. She looks so cute, like a fairy, but she's having none of it.

It's been 2 weeks since the night I kissed her, thank god she doesn't know. Nathan and Ash gave me a good talking to that night but I don't care. It was what I wanted to do. I've not really been out much recently, the boys have been around quite a lot though, trying to build up Molly's strength and general self-esteem. It's going to be tough, but we're going to help her get through it.

"Wow?" I chuckled, walking out of my room and into the bathroom. I raised my eyebrows at Molly. She was wearing a white floaty top, blue bleached jeans and white ballet pumps, she looked so grown up.

"What?" She shrugged, positioning the beanie on top of her head.

"It's 32*C outside Mol, you can't be wearing a winter hat?" I giggled.

"Oh I can, and I am!" She smiled, brushing past me and back to her room. I watched her go. She was so lovely and bubbly when she got here. But since then, the light seemed to have gone from her eyes and she's lost all of her confidence. Me and the lads are determined to help her get it back.

"Luke...Molly... Time to go!" Dad shouted up the stairs.

"Coming!" I called back as Molly arrived outside her room with her satchel on. She looked terrified.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I asked in a quiet voice.

"Nothing?" She shrugged and sniffed.

"Molly, I promise you, you're going to be fine. We're going to look after you!" I smiled, pulling her into a casual hug. She hugged me back and a surge of butterflies ran through my stomach. Oh great, I thought I was over that...

"Luke...Molly...NOW!" Dad called.

"Eughhh, cominggggg!" I called back, holding Molly at arms length. She smiled up at me, it's not very often she smiled anymore so that was good enough for me to say she was ready to go. As we came down the stairs, I saw Dad frown in Molly's direction but I gave him a look as if to say 'don't ask!', he understood.

Dad dropped us off at Mikeys, we were all meeting here and then walking together. We pulled up outside and Molly took in the house.

"Have a good day you two!" Dad smiled. Molly got out of the car first and waited for me to get out. "Look after her?" Dad whispered.

"You know I will!" I smiled, opened the door and climbed out of the car.

"Hey pretty girl!" I smiled at the sound of Ashton's voice. I looked over and he had picked Molly up and was spinning her round. "You excited to start school?" He giggled, spinning her faster.

"Yeah, that's if I don't throw up before!" Molly chuckled as her shoes flew off her feet.

"Sorry!" Ashton laughed, slowing down and placing her on the ground. I smiled at the both of them.

"Hey Mol!" Mikey came jogging out of the house. He picked up her shoes and walked over to her. "Hey, it's like Cinderella!" Mikey laughed, kneeling in front of her and placing her shoes on her feet. We all chuckled.

"Here's Cal!" Ashton called as Calum came flying down the driveway on his bike.

"Look at him go!" I laughed. Calum flew past us, flashing a goofy grin, and parked his bike up in Ashton's garden.

"Should we get going then?" Mikey smiled as Calum walked around the side of the house.

Molly's p.o.v

I walked chatting to Mikey for a lot of the journey."

"Wait until you see how many girls are after Luke!" Mikey whispered.

"What... At school?" I laughed.

"Yeah, he absolutely hates it, he feels so awkward. You'll literally notice it within the first 5 minutes of us being there!" Mikey laughed, rolling his eyes.

"Awh why?!" I frowned.

"Luke's a very insecure kinda guy, I dunno really..." Mikey shrugged. I tried to imagine Luke in school with all the girls after him, from the looks and the way he spoke to me that day in the ice cream shop, I can see it.

We arrived at the school gates. Luke dropped back to walk next to me, Ashton and Calum walked a little way ahead. Mikey nudged me and raised his eyebrows, I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Hi Luke!" A girl called, sat on the wall outside of school and wiggling her fingers in his direction. He gave her a disinterested smile and kept walking.

"Who's that?" I asked, trying to contain my laughter.

"I don't even know..." Luke shrugged, laughing as we reached the entrance to the building.

"Should we go get our new timetables and take Molly to the office?" Ashton asked, turning to look at us.

Calum was looking about nervously. It was only then that I looked around the area and realised that everyone was staring at us, at me. I felt Luke place his hand on the small of my back, I shivered. He raised his eyebrows at my reaction but I just shrugged it off.

Luke's p.o.v

We waited outside the principles office for Molly to come out, she was smiling and pulling her hat further down over her head, I sighed.

"Let's see then?" I asked holding my hand out to take the sheet of paper.

"Ash, she's in your History!" Calum smiled.

"Sweeeet!" Ashton chirped, high-fiving Molly.

"Cal, she's in your Literacy and my Psychology class, you're sorted Molly!" I smiled.

"Cool!" She sighed. As we stood there, the bell sounded and Molly's face dropped.

"Come on then chicken, Psychology time!" I smiled, beckoning her down the corridor to the classroom.

"Meet in the usual spot for lunch?" Mikey called after us.

"You bet!" I yelled as we pushed through the wave of people to find our room.

"Hey Luke!" a familiar and sickly sweet voice called from behind.

"Hey Kate..." I smiled falsely and rolled my eyes at Molly. Kate bounced over and threw her arms around my neck, I lightly hugged her back, I wasn't in the mood for this now.

"Who's this?" Kate asked, glaring at Molly who smiled back sweetly and nervously.

"I'm Molly!" She smiled, holding her hand out to shake Kate's but Kate ignored it.

"Her mums moved out here with Molly and she's with my dad. Molly's English!" I smiled at Molly.

"Ahhhh, so Lukey-bear, are you sitting with me in psychology?" Kate smiled, flicking her hair.

"Well actually, I'm gonna sit with Molly if that's okay?" I smiled over at Molly who's face had dropped from a smile.

"Fine!" Kate smiled her sickly smile and flounced off down the corridor.

"Sorry about her..." I rolled my eyes and sighed at Molly.

"Hey, it's fine!" She smiled shyly. I kept walking down the corridor and she followed quietly.

"Here we are!" I smiled as we arrived outside our classroom.

"I'm nervous!" Molly whispered.

"Hey, don't be?" I smiled, reaching out and squeezing her hand. I realised what I'd done and quickly snatched away my hand. "I'll go see if Miss Russell is in the classroom?" I said, clearing my throat and walking in.

Molly's p.o.v

Luke arrived back a moment later with who I'm guessing is Miss Russell, she didn't seem particularly old. She had surfer hair, flared jeans and a gorgeous white blouse.

"Hey, you must be Molly?" She smiled holding her hand out. Luke came and stood next to me.

"Yeah, that's me!" I smiled sweetly.

"Well Luke's been very excited to have you here with us! And if you're anywhere near as popular as this guy here, you're going to get along just fine!" Miss Russell explained and nudged Luke, he blushed.

"Awh she'll be great!" Luke smiled.

"Shall we go in then?" Miss Russell smiled.

"Yeah..." I smiled nervously.

"You'll be fine!" Luke whispered as we stepped into the classroom.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet the newest addition to the class, this is Molly and she's from England! I'm sure you'll all make her feel very welcome!" Miss Russell smiled, I felt Luke's comforting hand squeeze my shoulder.

"Hi!" I waved awkwardly and everyone smiled in my direction, everyone except Kate.

"Kate, I'm going to ask you to move and sit at the back of the room next to Becca and then Molly and Luke can sit together." Miss Russell smiled and Kate's face dropped.

"I'll go if she takes that stupid hat off..." Kate smirked at me, I cringed and took a step back, Luke's arm came around my waist.

"It's okay..." He whispered.

"Now Kate, come on and move?" Miss Russell said, a harshness in her voice. Kate sighed and got up, throwing her chair back under the desk. Luke guided me towards the desk, his hand still on my back. Just as we passed Kate's desk, she reached out for my hat, I tried to grab it but she whipped it off my head. Everyone gasped. They could see the bloody scar, the short messy hair, everything. Kate raised her eyebrows and smirked in my direction.

"No..." Luke gasped as I ran out of the room. I ran, I didn't know where I was going, I just ran. I could hear his footsteps behind me but I didn't stop. I came to a junction and stopped to decide whether to go left or right. As I did so, Luke caught me.

"Let me go?" I sobbed, trying to shove him away with the little strength that I had.

"Hey, no, hey, it's okay!" Luke sighed holding me close. I gave up and crumbled into his arms in a crying mess....


Hey guys!!

I'm sooooo sorry I haven't written for a while, I've been really unwell and trying to get myself back on track! Hope you guys understand and enjoy this part!!

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