Always Never There

How can you love someone who isn't real to anyone but you?


1. 1.

I woke up with a start when the bell rang. School had ended, and I had plans to go to the mall with my friend. I stacked up all my books and carried them over to my locker. That class was the most boring I'd ever been to. We watched Romeo and Juliet, a film I had already seen 15 million times.

I stacked up my books in my arms and walked to my locker. With my hands so full, I struggled to turn to my combination. At once, the weight of the books took a toll on my skinny arms. They slipped and crashed to the ground with a thud. I bent over to pick them up when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked behind me to see a dark-haired boy with blue eyes smiling at me. I've never seen him before, and the face doesn't ring a bell.

"Need help?" He says. I nod, and the kids around me look at me funny. The boy bends over and picks up the books. I grab them and quietly murmur a 'Thanks' as I slip them into my backpack. Throwing the backpack over my shoulder, I see my friend strutting towards me. She stands at my side and we start walking. I look back and wave to the brunette boy. My friend gives me the same puzzled look as everyone else.

"Who are you waving at? Brady?" She asks.

I shake my head and point at the boy. She still looks confused.

"Courtney, he's right over there. The tall boy with the brown hair! Can't you see!" I say quite loudly.

"Izzy, I have no clue what the heck you're talking about!" Courtney shouts.

I shrug and look forward. Her car is right up front. We climb in, and she starts the car, and drives off.

I'm still looking at the teenage boy who'd helped me, wondering whether if it was just me, or Courtney needed an emergency trip to the eye doctor.

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