sleepover turns wild

one night 3 best friends where having a sleepover and lets just say it does'nt end with a see you tomorrow


2. nightmare

as he walked closer to us emma hid behind jane and hannah he said "emma i told you i would find you and tell everyone what you did." he said "i didn't do anything wrong it was someone else that you must have seen." emma said "it does'nt matter now, i have all three of you girls now lets have some fun now."he said

he walked closer to the girls thats when jane picked up a hard cover book and hit him really hard in the face with it then they ran as fast as they could to the door but there was something wrong with the door it wouldn't open, so they tried the window but it still wouldn't open so they ran to the basement and locked themselfs in a small room down there and started pushing things up agest the door and kept piling and pileing until there was nothing left.

13 minutes later

they heard someone coming down the stairs after walking around upstairs for the past 10 minutes al they heard where loud nocies and him saying "emma, jane, and hannah don't worry i won't hurt you yet come out come out where ever you are." he said it kept getting louder and louder until he was standing right outside the door he tried to open it but it wouldn't open so he left, then the girls didn't hear anything for 2 hours so they got up and moved the stuff and opened the door a little bit then walked out together and hannah found a flash light because there was no lights on and they didn't want to turn any on because then he would find them faster.

they headed up stairs and tried the door and it opened but jane stoped them before they ran out for there lives and jane said....

"wasn't that to easy like he had us trapped in a small room then he's just gone no sounds the door opens the phones connected why go through all that trouble to try and kill us and then just leave he had us he was so close i don't think we should go out there i think we should get some food and water  and the phone then go back to the small room because he's still here even though it doesn't seem like it he is." jane said very scared "okay lets do that im not risking it." emma said very scared as well "no this is our ecaspe and you guys are just going to go back and hide for the rest of the night i mean for all we know he's probaly down stairs right now hiding in the small room waiting for us to return so lets just leave." hannah said as she walked out the door

as hannah left a man jumped out and said you should have listen to jane this is what you get han as he shot her in the heart she died 2 minutes later.

"no please no."jane and emma said crying "now who's next, wait you know what would be funner lets play triple dog dare uh go and sit on the couch before i blow your brains out."he said

when they started playing he gave the rules they where

1.what ever i dare you to do you do it or i kill you.

2.i the one who gives the dares.

3.i'll start off with easy things then it comes to the fun parts life or death.

"emma i dare you too slap jane in the face really hard 3 times."he said laughing "sorry jane."emma said as she slaped her "jane i dare you to slap her 3 times."he said laughing "sorry emma." jane said as she slaps her "now its the fun part not that this isn't fun, emma go and get a knife it's time to get bloody."he said with a smile "okay now what."emma said "cut janes arm then go and get hannah and get her to join our party." he said "im so sorry."emma said as she cuts janes arm.

when emma gets back with hannah he puts her in a sitting poseition then contuines on.

"jane i dare you to cut emmas finger off." he said handing her the knife "no i won't as she throws the knife at him, but he gets his gun and shots emma in the head and she dies in less then 3 seconds then he shots jane in the chest and so close to the heart, but thats when he heard the police and when they came in they got him and arested him then the paramideics came in and brought jane to the hospital where she falls into a deep be coutine(the next book will be about if she wakes up or not and how she feels about almost being a ghost because she's outside of her body hearing everything that happens


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