sleepover turns wild

one night 3 best friends where having a sleepover and lets just say it does'nt end with a see you tomorrow


1. at hannahs

it was time for the sleepover and jane was at hannahs they where bike riding and watching funny videos.

later that night emma called freaking out she said someone is calling her a nasty hoe on the internet and that she was home alone so jane and hannah got into the car and drove 2 streets over to emmas house at 7:30pm on a friday night.

knock knock knock emma

"emma okay do you know who it is." jane asked "no and when i tried to go back onto the messages to message him to ask his or her name it was already deleted so they only made the account to say that to me then they deleted it."emma said "we should call the police emma because im really scared."hannah said "no no its over its fine my parents are going to be home at 9:30pm so just stay until then."emma said

later that night emmas dog started barking and wont stop so emma, jane, and hannah where really worried and the tree outside emmas house wont stop shaking but it was only shaking because it was really windy out.

hannah went to get the phone when she saw a shadow coming towards the door thats when a man come near the door and we all screamed and hannah dialed 911 but he opened the door when she said hello then the line went dead all the police could hear was hello and screaming in the backround and then that was it.

when the man walked in he just stood in the middle of the room and stared at them for 3 minutes as they cried and screamed and told him not to hurt them but they where in shock and couldnt move.

when he was done stareing at us he came closer and.......


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