One Direction Imagines

doing imagines for people who love one d x


1. Niall imagin for Shantez

Shantez p.o.v

I was walking my dog (dunno if you have one but sorry) in the park a gust of wind suddenly hit me and brown hair with blonde streeks blue up into my face and and I fell. While I was busy picking up my bag and the things that fell out of it I noticed I had let go of the dogs lead and d/n (d/n=dogs name) had run of.

As I was walking in the park i noticed d/n was with a cute blonde boy. Oh my god is he trying to steal my dog. I approached the boy and said ''Oh you found my dog, my names Shantez thank you so much.'' ''Its okay and im Niall by the way'' He said in his cute accent.

'' Its nice to meet you Niall. i was so worried you were trying to steal my dog haha'' wow he is sooo hot.  ''No no of course not. The only thing around here im looking to steal now, is your heart  if that's okay with you.'' okay the was so cheesy but yeah he can have it. ''well if you want it why don't you ask.'' hes going to think im an idiot for saying that.

''okay, well can i have your number?'' ''yeah sure'' we swapped phones and punched in each others names. I had him saved as Niall the dog finder and he had saved me as Brown eyes.

''well its nice to meet you Niall and thanks again for finding my dog, but I've gotta go hopefully i'll see ya soon.'' I really wanna see him soon.

''yeah sure i'll walk ya home''

'' oh know thats okay i don't wanna put you through any trouble'' i hope he doest mind but i don't live that far away and i don't want to be rude.

'' know its fine its quite late and im the boy its my job.'' he said that so sweetly.

''okay fine but its not going to take that long, i live two streets across from the park.'' 

'' So i still want to make sure you get there safely.'' aw he's so protective

'' okay well lets get walking.''

10 mins later

'' this is my stop i guess.'' i said as i got to my door.

'' okay well i'll text you soon babe.'' as he said that he started leaning in and all of a sudden, he kissed me.

as we pulled away i said '' i should go inside now my dogs probably starving.''

''yeah uh... sorry about what just happened your probably think im stupid for kissing you and we havnt even been on a date yet.''

''No its okay. I liked it.'' i kissed him quickly said good by and walked into my house feeling happy.

Later that evening i got a text from Niall.

Hello beautiful, Niall here just wondering if you would like to go on a date tomorrow at 7;00pm - Niall xxxx

Heyy Niall, yeah i'd love to what should i dress like casual or?-Shantez/brown eyes xxxx

A little dressy but not to dressy if you get what im saying babe - Niall xxx

Yeah i know i gotta go im so tired byeeeeee xxxx

night night babe xxxx

 The next day i woke up to a text from Niall.

Good morning Princess hope hope you got your beauty sleep cos tonights our night cant wait till 7 - Niall xxxxxxxx

Morning Niall i cant wait either see ya tonight - Shantez/brown eyes xxxxxxxx

And that night was amazing its 3 months later and  Niall and me are now officially a couple and in a few months he's going to audition for xfactor i love him so much and i hope he makes it.


HI Shantez hope you liked, it if not i could edit it for you if you want its your imagine so i hope its what you wanted x

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