Who Can I Trust??

17 Year Old Faith Gomez is a nerd.She doesnt Fit in,or have many friends.but what she does have are good grades,1 best friend she can trust and as all nerds have....a bully.But that can all change.


1. Introduction




"but i dont want go" i complained."you have to,you'll.....you'll get hurt"said the officer."what about my daddy?" He's gonna be ok...he's just gonna be gone for a while" said the officer.'NO I WANT MY DADDY !!!!!!!"I screamed as the officer carried me and threw my in the car.

 *flashback over* 

Faith P.O.V

I woke up with tears in my eyes."shit that dream again"i thought to myself.i got outta bed and looked in the mirror."ugh i didnt lose the weight" i thought. i went to get my showering items."soap?..check,towel?...check and shower cap?.....check".while walking to the bathroom to shower i saw my little brother crying in his bedroom."little bear,whats wrong?" "I wan-wanna di-die"he said inbetween sobs."dont say that" i said firmly."its-its tr-true"."why do you want to die?".because people in my school say i deserve to die and that thats why im adopted," he said.i tryed to blink the tears away but just couldnt hold it in."look matt,dont listen to those little boys and girls ok?because you got to chose your family,there families are stuck with them" "you really mean that?"he asked."every little word."now i have to shower,so ill see you later" i said as kissed him on his forehead and went to the restroom."only if i can take that advice"i thought.i turned the hot shower on and stepped in feeling it hit my face.

*15 min later*

Faith P.O.V

i stepped out of the steaming shower,wrapped my hair and my body and walked to my bedroom.i pulled out a black tank top that says my name with black basketball shorts. I put on my white aditas.after that i went to the bathroom and looked at my wrist."how the hell am i supposed to cover this?!,its too hot to wear a sweater.." then i just put on my concealer and mascara.i went to my room and put all my belongings in my bookbag.i stood there thinking about how im supposed to cover the scars.so i just grabbed a grey sweater and unzipped it so i can breathe but also cover the scars.I took a hair band and put my hair into a messy braid.i walked down stairs and got a banana and sat down."good morning sweetie"said nancy."morning" "how was sleep?" "it was ok""oh,sorry to hear that" after that i got up and walked to the front door."WAIT,FAITH!!!!" shouted my brother matt."what?" " you forgot these" he said handing me my glasses."thanks.what would i do without you?"i asked rubbing his head."well you would forget your glasses"he said matter-of-factly."have a good day" nancy shouted "yea good day my ass"i mumbled.then we walked off to that hell hole

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