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  • Published: 6 Oct 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jan 2015
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"Run. Run where the rolling hills turn into nothingness and your swallowed by black. Run where you'll live to be free and love to be happy. Run where you will never. Ever. Look.Back."

***For the Ghosts Of Heaven Competition***


4. Meeting

Michael was faced with two paths.

Ahead of him was a girl. She had been jogging, but was now running at a ferocious speed towards him. If he went forward, he would meet with her. But the girl could be keeping all sorts of secrets. She could carry more troubles and worries then he, she could be running away from her problems too. That both comforted and distressed Michael.

Or he could turn back. Run straight back home, try and guess which way to go, and run. He’d end up somewhere, anywhere would be better than right here. But if he went home, he’d have to face the questions. The worries and troubles that balanced on his shoulders would become heavier.

Forwards? Or back? Whichever way lead to disaster, but which disaster was worst? Facing his parents, his dying little brother, his village? Or facing this stranger, this odd girl out here too?

What Michael didn’t know, is that the time he had spent debating, had meant that the girl had got closer. And closer. She had eventually got so close she could almost touch him. Unfortunately for them both, she didn’t see the rock sticking up from the ground.

The girl went flying, smashing into Michael with a stronger forcer then he was expecting. The pair tumbled backwards, a mess of burnt limbs and copious troubles. A lot of yelps and squeals proceeded as they did a sort of crazy forwards roll together, then fell apart with their arms and legs still entwined.

What the couple didn’t know, was as they un-picked themselves and failed to neaten their clothes and dust themselves down, was that they had just met their greatest friend. Possibly their one true love, if you believe in that sort of thing.

You see, Michael had every right to be fearful of this girl. She carried just as much troubles as he did, perhaps even more, and running seemed to help her. They both knew that in the end, they would lose, yet they still kept running.

It was the similarities they possessed that drew them together. What if one didn’t like running? They would have walked, and how could they meet if one was slower than the other? What if they both didn’t have troubles? What if Benny wasn’t dying? Then Michael would have never ran away, and would have never met the girl.

If you pluck fate and romance and destiny from any two people, you’re left with similarities. Rather like when you pan for gold, and you have this huge pile of sand and water and muck. But shake off the sand and water and muck, your left with shining nuggets of gold. Those shining nuggets of gold are your similarities.

So, as the pair tried to fix themselves, the girl turned to Michael. She had no clue how to introduce herself, so she decided to state her name. Nice and simple. Smiling, she looked straight at Michael and said:

“Hullo. I’m Eleanor.”

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