Random Movella Ideas

Ok so this is mostly for me but all of you guys can read it and maybe publish some movellas from these.

So these are some of my ideas that maybe you can add to a current movella or publish a new movella based entirely on them. If there already are movellas about these ideas, then please tell me so I can read them!


3. Weird Ideas!

(if you watch Ben10) (not that I do, but it was on TV and there was literally nothing else to watch...) 

#1: you could be an alien that comes to ben for help...


#2: You have wings (but you are still human) and you are the princess in a bird/human type kingdom...

#3: you are half cat half human and your parents set up an arranged marriage for you to an evil and rude cat/human, but then you fall for a thief cat/human (who also falls for you) and he proposes and you say yes, then the evil cat/human gets angry and plots revenge so every chance he gets he tries to kill you. (and your fiancee saves you [multiple times])  

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