Random Movella Ideas

Ok so this is mostly for me but all of you guys can read it and maybe publish some movellas from these.

So these are some of my ideas that maybe you can add to a current movella or publish a new movella based entirely on them. If there already are movellas about these ideas, then please tell me so I can read them!


1. Chapter 1

#1:  Write a story about a Belgian Malinois and maybe about its owner and how they kick bad guys asses. And everybody fears them and they help people who are in trouble (with bad ppl) and stuff. 


#2: Anybody know who gambit is? If not look him up. Maybe a movella about a guy/girl who is like a NINJA PRO EXPERT MASTER with everything to do with cards and either its about their life or maybe you can turn it into a thing about how they hook up with other heroes and fight crime, (the card master could use his/her card powers)

#3: Maybe a movella about how deadpool kidnaps you and he keeps you in a room and such, but then he slowly starts to fall in love with you and you with him. (And he can't bare to give you to the ppl who paid him to kidnap you.)

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