Baby sitting one direction

Brianna was just putting up babysitting sigh when got a call said can you babysit my 5 boys I said ok and maybe just meat my love of my love Niall fan fiction


4. the mall

So the boys took me to jack will and they told me to sit so I did well they picked out outfit for me and Harry flirted with a girl why Harry why so they came back with each like 10 outfits and said try them on please no I said why they fake cried and Niall throw me in his back and put me in the dressing room and said try on some clothes at least mine he said with a the lip I said ok but I you have to come grocery shopping with me just you I said he said that sound great Nialls pov wait does she like me if she does I'll marry her Brianna pov I really like Niall he so sweet I just want to kiss him and he's Irish a thick Irish accent it so HOT but I would get so much hates on twitter so I came out with all of the clothes that Niall picked for me and said put them back and I'll wait for you and of course Niall came out with two bags and said here you go and we got the rest of the boys and told Harry to get over here now and to stop flirting with that girl so he went over to me and said we're are we going and I said we're going home and he said why because fine he said so we were home and before I knew it they all trying get out of the car at the same time again and I said get in the car now so they did so I said Liam go then zayn then Harry then louis then the wounderful Niall I said with a grin same with Niall with Louis looking at us weird so I went over to him and said do you think Niall likes me he said oh yay I yelled yes in my mind

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