Baby sitting one direction

Brianna was just putting up babysitting sigh when got a call said can you babysit my 5 boys I said ok and maybe just meat my love of my love Niall fan fiction


3. meeting one direction and my love

Hi so your one direction yes we are and who are you I'm Brianna cook your babysitter ok they all said but simon why do they need a babysitter There like 19 years old older than me I said they need one because they will mess the house up with out me here so you are here ok ok I said so this is louis Niall Harry Zayn Liam ok hi I'm louis I'm 21 hi I'm Liam I'm 20 hi I'm zayn I'm 19 hi I'm Harry I'm 18 hi I'm Niall I'm 18 ok I'm Brianna as you all ready know and I'm 17 so I'm baby sitting a 21 20 19 18 18 year old yes you are ok so Niall take Brianna up to her room ok Niall pov she so pretty I really like her but we just met so I 'LL ask her what did she do at home so what do you do at home homework go to the store and go to school I have no friends she said oh is that all you have I asked looking at her bag yes she replayed with a fake smile well I and the boys will take you shopping but I don't have any money we will pay no you won't why I asked because I'm your babysitter and I don't need you guys paying for my stuff ok then we will just look so I told the boys that we are going to the mall and they said why for Brianna ok they said Brianna pov louis drives because i don't have a car (skip car ride)so we were getting out of the car when they tried to get out at once and I said get back in the car so they got back In the car and I said Liam you can go out then zayn then Harry then the wounderful Niall I said with a grin and Niall grab my hand I felt a spark I wanted to feel this way all the time

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