Baby sitting one direction

Brianna was just putting up babysitting sigh when got a call said can you babysit my 5 boys I said ok and maybe just meat my love of my love Niall fan fiction


2. babysit for who

I was just putting up babysitting sigh by Starbucks when I got a call from a unknown caller so I answered it "hello this is Brianna Cook for a babysitting how may I help you" I said thinking who this is "hi this is Simon Cowel and I Saw your babysitting sigh and I was wondering if you could babysit my five boys " said simon " sure how long and how much" I ask " one year and two grand a week " replayed simon ok so when do I start tomorrow ok we're do you live London England so were will I pick you up Tomorrow Starbucks at 10:00am ok bye so the next day I packed up all my things which isn't a lot and went to Starbucks and saw a black car and guessed it was him so I said hi to the driver and said is simon in there he said yes are you Brianna Cook yes I am can I come In sure come in so there I was on my way to see five boys when a song came on and I said who sing this who ever does is awesome at singing so simon said one direction have you heard of them no oh ok thank we were there and I saw a huge house it was so pretty it was like I couldn't touch a thing so I just walked and went inside and saw five like 19 year olds and simon said these are the boys you will be babysitting

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