The 'Perfect' Life

Have you ever wondered what a perfect life would be like? Well, here it is. *Finished*


1. The normal teens bucket list

Get a sun tattoo

Get as tan as I can

Tell my crush my feelings

Get a bouquet of roses from someone

Get the tattoos and piercings I want

Wake up HAPPY

Buy a lot of make up

Go running every day

Meet 5 Seconds of Summer

Have a legit picnic

Plan my best friends wedding

Spend a whole day cuddling

Have a paint war

Attach a lock to a love bridge

Dip dye my hair

Tell Niall Horan his smile is PERFECT

Work for a fashion magazine

Go scuba diving

Wake up at the beach

Play messy twister

Learn how to walk in high heels

Meet the person i’m going to marry

Clean my room more (Haha yea right)

Go to a Miami Heat game

Be flirted by a cute guy

Take a bath by candle light

Use a fake name at starbucks

Throw a slushy at somebodys face

Tye dye my shorts

To kiss koala style

Eat less

Go to broadway

Make a snow angel

Buy my first apartment

Camp at the beach with friends

Play with sparklers

Get the guy I like to like me

Tan on the roof

Try dippin dots

40.Go CRAZY at a party

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